Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thirty..not quite something

I'm officially 30. There. I said it. That really wasn't so bad.

Now, on to other news....

I am going to have another givewaway! I love giving things away. So, here is what ya need to do to be entered into the giveaway that will happen May 30th:

Leave a comment on this post. Then, for an extra entry, post about it on your blog and let me know and I will enter your name TWICE! And, if you would like to be entered THREE times, with your comment ask me a question...anything you might want to know about me or what I do, like how old I was when I got married, where did I grow up, do I have a dog (yes), etc. Just be nice and keep it family friendly. M,kay? K.

That's it! I haven't decided exactly what I will giveaway yet, but look for a post soon about it! If you decide to comment with a question I will plan to answer it in a *thirty things about me* post, since I am 30 now and all.

Happy Thursday to you!


  1. Sounds super fun! I will try to post about it today over on my blog. I hope I win as I am sure it will be fabulous. My question is: did grow up in Texas? If not where did you grow up and how do you think it has affected you?

  2. Happy thirty! I vaguely remember my thirtieth. My question is "What is your favorite cake?"
    That seems sort of birthday related.

  3. Hi, I just came across your blog from Andrea's blog and I love seeing other people's creativity. I am a scrapbooker myself and also turned 30 this year. I also used to live in central Texas and miss it so much. I wish I could go back. Happy 30th!

  4. Happy 30th. Love the tunes!
    Most of the best things in my life happened after 30. It's all good!

  5. Happy 30th! I am 32 on the 2nd of June! The thirties are GREAT! I enjoy your creativity and as uncreative as I am I still get inspired to attempt some sort of something after coming here. My question is "What inspires you?"

  6. I forgot to ask a question....
    What is one thing that you want to accomplish by the time you are 40? (somewhere you want to go, something you want to do, learn, etc....)

  7. I'm so glad I checked in to see your 30th birthday post! Happy birthday!! 30 is a fantastic year, you'll have a blast.

    (you're actually close to my husband, his bday is the 13th)

    As for my question, it's a 2 parter:

    What is the most amazing thing you have done in your life, thus far?
    And, what is something you hope to do/accomplish within the next 30 years of your life?

  8. Shoot, I should have read the other comments first, as Kiddlebug sort of asks a similar question to mine...

    If you're prefer a different question, then you can swap my original one out for this:

    What is one thing that only your husband or best friend (currently) knows about you?

    Hmm, too personal? If so, how about this one:

    If you won a $50 million dollar lottery, would you still work? Why or why not?

    It's your birthday. You should be able to choose your favorite questions.

  9. Happy birthday, Jaime!

    How would you spend your ideal day?

  10. Who taught you to stitch and how often do you craft?

  11. Happy Birthday! I turned 36 yr old on May 16th. You will always be younger than me : ). This is my first time visiting so I don't know much at all about you. You mention that you are in central Texas. Could that be Austin by chance? And do you sew little girl clothes by chance?! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  12. I just discovered your blog and I love it! My question is

    Did you grow up in an artistic family or is this something that you discovered about yourself later on?

  13. Hi! May 30 is my birthday - it's basically the PERFECT day for a giveaway. Yay!

  14. Happy Happy Birthday!!!! I don't have a question for you but I am praying for a very special birthday wish for you! ;)

  15. Happy birthday! What did you do ten years ago for your 20th birthday?

    I linked over from my blog. I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to give me your cereal numbers! I love finding new blogs.


  16. Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you did something special. 30 deserves special, even if you hate being 30, you still deserve it. :):)

  17. Happy 30!!!

    I would love to win something!!!! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  18. Happy Birthday !!!!


  19. Happy Birthday!! What has been your most memorable birthday?