Monday, January 30, 2012

Football Style Bleachy Tee!

I've been up to it again. Yes, I have. I'm sure it's an addiction of sorts, but it's so dang easy and results are so instant gratification!

Bleachy Tee's! Football style:

{original post and tutorial can be found HERE}

It seriously works so great for my 8 year old boy. Once he passed 5&6, well, applique just wasn't "cool" any longer. This though? He LOVES them.

{photo courtesy of my fabulous FIL}

I'm sure more of these will be happening in the coming months as my son sky rockets out of every shirt that currently fits him! ;)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vintage Words

A while back on twitter I asked other adoptive mamas what ONE word would they use to describe their adoption journey. There were several {amazing} words. I loved them all. I decided to turn some of those words into pendants. 

These are just a few,but still so powerful. Whether in one's adoption journey or just life itself. Whatever your year holds and plans and dreams. 

I believe there is HOPE:

I do BELIEVE in strength and truth and promises:


There is so much GRATITUDE. To the people, families, and those that have taken that leap of faith:

It is a JOURNEY. It may not be an easy one, but it's not about the end result {although wonderful}, it's about the journey. How will it go?

{These can all be found in the SHOP}

There are truly so many more words that could describe it all. These are just a few. What word would you choose to describe your journey, your life goals? 

Friday, January 20, 2012


It's been a fun week. And an exhausting week...let's recap shall we?!

Last Friday I decided to gather some vintage spools that I inherited from my grandmothers for a little project:

I happened upon some fabulous decorative pillows on SALE! at JoAnns. Love them:

Sunshine learned how to use chopsticks! 

Some Sunshine snuggle time was had. Love those moments.
Finished mentioned spool project. Oh my heart how I love it. 
Sunshine got to taste her first girl scout cookie! She seems to like the Peanut Butter kind the best. So far...

And there you have it. A little snippit of my week! 

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Inspiration Workshop: Bedrooms

Ahhh. A bedroom retreat. Our current master bedroom feels anything but of late {ya know, because we now have a four year old and she keeps me busy!}

It's not always been such though. Typically our master bedroom has always been one of my favorite rooms and never the last to be decorated...until we had kiddos and then it became the last room to get taken care of. Whatevs...just tell me I'm not the only one to NOT make up my bed everyday? Most days, yes. Just not ALL days! ;)

Anyhoo....I have my mind set to take on and re-do our master bedroom this year! Yes, this will take me that long.

Here are some ideas I'm thinking of....

Source: via Jaime on Pinterest

I pretty much love everything about this room. And the color is close to what we already have. I love the paint color currently and don't plan on changing it. This could totally work!

I wouldn't mind some artwork like this to hang up in the room also. Just happy.

Gotta admit...LOVE this room!

Adding some of these might be nice too.

And these as lighting would be pretty fabulous!

Ah, yes. It will will. Our master bedroom will once again be one of my favorite rooms!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vintage Spools of Goodness

Over the weekend I made a little something.

Okay, more than a little me? It's a big something.

If you follow me on instagram, you got a little sneak peek of my vintage spools of thread:

They are vintage spools passed down to me from both of my grandmothers. One I knew very well and the other I never got a chance to know very well at all. But both were extremely important to me.

I've had the spools sitting is some containers in my sewing/craft studio for some time. I happened to be going through some old craft magazines when I happened upon a picture I had noted that I thought was awesome. I then KNEW what I was going to do with all that lovely vintage goodness!

I grabbed the spools, some scrap wood (that my son's taekwondo school generously let me have) and a glue gun.....

and VOILA!

I now have a fabulous handmade treasure full of thready goodness. :)

I took all the materials and just eye-balled it. Honestly, the trick for me was to NOT over think it. I tend to do that...ehem....

I love it. And I have to be honest, I'm pretty sure there are some tears mixed in with that thready goodness. I miss my Gramms. And I miss that I didn't get a chance to know my dad's mom. I'm sure I would have loved her. Meanwhile...I'm thankful I have memories and sewing treasures to remember them by.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pinterest Tuesday!

I bought chalkboard paint.

I did!

I have a plan for it too...

I've been searching through some inspiration on Pinterest....

I'm pretty sure this is gonna be great! My project that is. ;) I'll do a little Pinterest show&tell next week!