Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Placemat dilemma

I've had this idea for a while to make some simple, yet fun place mats that also just happen to be somewhat educational. The reason? For my son to remember how to set the table when he's helping me out at dinner time. Really, he already knows how, but sometimes he just needs a little reminder. I figured I need some more table linens, why not make some that are fun and practical! I also want to make then super easy to clean, so I am going to try out some of the special iron on vinyl I got a while back just for this purpose. Did you know about this stuff?! You can turn any fabric you love into something you can just wipe clean! How nifty is that? I just love products like this. Granted, the other place mats I have can be washed, but darn it if they don't get stains I cannot get out.

The dilemma? Trying to decide which fabric combo to use....

When I figure it out, I will be back with more pictures and how-to's.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fun with Pumpkins

This past weekend we went to one of my most favorite places...Sweet Berry Farms! It's a good drive out, but very worth it.

There are pumpkins galore...every kind you could possibly imagine!

all kinds of fun activities

There was also this pretty little field of flowers they have at one stop on the hayride where you can pick them and fill a little buckets worth for about $1. I didn't pick any, but they were very pretty to look at while we waited for the tractor to pick us up.

Then we picked out some pumpkins...

Then headed off to get our favorite treat....Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thank You

Thank you to those that have commented, emailed or contacted me personally about the loss of a dear friend of my husbands and mine. I cannot express how much that truly means to us both.

We just got back late Sunday after an exhausting weekend. It was great to visit with old friends and come together to celebrate such a fantastic person and his life. It is still sinking in and I am sure in some ways it never will that he is gone, but through his friends and family, his memory will live on.

Amazingly, he even followed my blog a bit and never hesitated to promote my little biz when he got a chance. Even with all the battling he had to do with his cancer, he always made time for others. He will be sorely missed, but I also know we will see him again.

Most likely I will be taking some R&R the rest of this week, but promise to be back next week with more happy things.

Again, Thank You.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Could it be?!

There I was, in my little world just sewing away on my serger when the thread just snapped! I wondered how such a thing could I re-threaded and started up again...

Then it snapped again! I looked at the spool and found this:

This ever happened to you? I've never seen such a strange thing before! It literally looks like it was just sliced nice and neat just right there. Crazy I say!

But, it kinda represents what I feel like this week.....shredded thread. Lovely, huh? It's been a crazy busy week and, not that that's bad really, I like to keep busy. Just when the busy-ness included packing for a trip out of town. And that trip out of town is to go and say "good-bye" to a very dear friend that lost his battle with cancer and just passed away this last Saturday.

Very sad. I leave tomorrow and I cannot believe it's actually happening. It's still sinking in, but I know as soon as we arrive there and see our other friends and his family, it will become all too real.

SO, not that I have been all too active the past couple weeks, but I might be out of bloggy-ness for a bit. Maybe just a week or so, but will be back before the end of October, promise!

Have a good weekend all. Stay healthy and hug your family and friends!