Saturday, December 31, 2011



2012....a year that is just to begin.

2011 changed my life. It changed it in ways I never knew it could. It knocked me down to my knees on more than one occasion.

First with the unexpected death of my Gramms. I was there, I watched multiple rounds of CPR performed and then them calling the "time of death"....I thought I'd never stop crying.

My eyes hurt for days. I felt gutted.

That pain? It was only a glimpse of what 2011 was to bring.

May came and another major blow. We lost Songbird.

I was brought to me knees harder than ever before. I felt lost, uncertain.

And yet, my word that had chosen me was E M B R A C E

To embrace it ALL. The good, bad, ups and downs.

Wow. I never had a clue how 2011 would so drastically change the course of our lives.


Then, we met Sunshine.

November, we became Sunshine's forever family. November 10th to be exact.


All of it. And I did.

2011 is coming to a close and on such a more positive note than it began. The crazy, uncertain and exhausting adoption journey that we've been on, finally slowing down. The waiting chapter closed and the journey of forever family begun.

New beginnings



I want to take this time...this time that is seemingly slower paced. Even if in reality, it's not slowed down much at all. There is a lull, moments of still that I want to immerse myself in. Capture it, soak it up, find the joy...

I want to nurture this time. Enjoy this time with our new little family of four and take it all in and hold on to it a moment.

To see it for what it is, to nurture our spirits, our love, our gratitude.

To watch and nurture this new little person in our lives. To nurture my marriage and my family.

I want to see the hope, believe in this year, see this year. Enjoy it ALL.

So, n u r t u r e

I will take the time and N U R T U R E it. It is my word for 2012.

What will your word be?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pinterest Tuesday! mean Thursday!

Yeah. It's been one of those kinda weeks....

I just had to share this though. Not only did God call us to adoption, He also has given our son a big squishy heart for orphans.

All on his own. It's just him. I love it.

We were going over what we were going to give/make for teacher gifts. We were also checking out a site you might have heard of called Reece's Rainbow.

Gah. My heart.

There was a boy that we learned about a while back. We knew we were not his family, but we knew we were to pray for this boy and his forever family.

We did and while we were in Russia, Jake and I decided to look up the site and see how this boy was doing. We were crazy happy thrilled when we saw that a family has come forward to adopt him and he was on the "my family found me page!".

So happy. We pray it continues to go well and he gets to be with his family soon.

Meanwhile...we spotted the Angel Tree page and checked it out. Then we saw something about Angel Tree dollars.

Oh yes. My boy was

And just to give a little story here: my son actually cried big, sincere tears over these children. Wept. In the hotel room as we looked at the dozens of pictures of these orphans. He said, "mom! we HAVE to do something!!! Can we just adopt ONE MORE?! Please?! They NEED us!".

Oh how my heart ached. We know we most likely will adopt again, but we need to settle with Sunshine first. In time...His time.

Meanwhile. I told him, "we cannot adopt them all baby. BUT, we can do something. We can pray for them. We can pray for their forever families to step up and take that leap of faith".

We chatted a bit more about how some are called to adopt and some are called to help. We talked about the Angel Tree and what it can do for these kiddos. He asked if that is what he could get for part of his teacher's gifts.

So we did. And made some peppermint bark I pinned of Pinterest.

Mine aren't nearly as pretty as these lovelies, but I couldn't find that snowflake mold to save my life! So, I did the basic old break-it-apart way. No matter...still tastes yum!

I packaged them up late last night and early this morning and got them ready for him to take to school. Then he thanked me for being such an awesome mom and doing all that.

I thanked him for being willing to do something for others.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pinterest Tuesday

I love Pinterest. Do you love Pinterest?

Holy WOW is it ever addicting! But, I've found some really fun holiday inspiration that I decided to try my hand at. 

I'm attempting to keep the holidays simple this year. Being home with Sunshine now (who's a full ball of energy!) and her not really having a clue what all this having a TREE in the HOUSE (she's getting used to it...) and twinkle lights and such is all about....well, simple is best. :)

And, since my son is also adjusting, some of these projects are great for he and I to do while Sunshine naps. Total win/win!

A while back I pinned this pretty picture:

AND this pretty picture:

I love, love, LOVE twinkle lights. We happened to have two extra boxes, so I grabbed them and strung them up behind our sheer curtains in the dining room. Here is my version:

Then, while Sunshine napped, the Jakester and I cut out a bunch of snowflakes. See?

I decided to string them up with the twinkle lights. I used a seriously high-tech method involving a little tape and invisible thread. Then I took some paper clips and used those to hook over the curtain rod to hang the snowflakes from. You could probably use ornament hooks too. Easy peasy and simple. I like simple.


My pinterest inspiration completed! 

I'm thinking each week this month I'm going to try doing/making something from all my pins. Wanna join me?! ;)