Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Then and Now

Little Bird Creations started almost eight years ago. It started out as a means for my creative outlet making items for baby. My son was (and still is) a very big part of my inspiration for Little Bird. After all, Little Bird is named after his nickname he received in the hospital. 

Eight years later, he clearly is no longer a baby and Little Bird no longer makes and sells items for baby. Little Bird has changed and grown over the years and it's purpose has too. 

What started as a creative outlet has become something more. More personal and with more purpose. 

As many know, we started the process of adoption almost 3 years ago. We are (hopefully) nearing the end of this process for this adoption. However, we know we want to do more. I want Little Bird to do more. 

Last year I introduced the Little Bird Russia Coffee Cuff. A portion of the proceeds of the sales of those Coffee Cuffs goes towards an organization called The Harbor. More info on them HERE

Throughout this past year, much has happened in my life personally. I lost my grandmother and then we lost Songbird. These are things I have shared about here and there, but mostly I write about our adoption over HERE

And throughout this whole adoption process of learning and growing and meeting other families and Little Bird being able to help out with their adoption fundraising, I've come to truly see how much more I want there to be a purpose for Little Bird. 

Not just about me or my coffee cuffs or pendants, but within those items, why those items are being sold. For whom. 

Yes, all the sales in my shop go towards helping make our adoption possible, but I want to do more. With more purpose. 

So, not only will sales from my SHOP help out our adoption, but other organizations, like The Harbor and others, that are doing what they can to help out orphans and families. 

And that leads me to introduce a NEW item in the Little Bird shop! 

Hand Embroidered Little Bird Pendants. Each unique. Each a little different. Each handmade. 

(shown are the Heart for Africa pendants. More styles and sizes to come)

Each sold, a portion of the profits will go to help out the 147 million orphans and those that are doing what they can to help. 

It's not just about me. It's not just about Little Bird. It's about so much more....so many more. 

So, not only these pendants, but now ALL Little Bird items sold in the shop, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to these organizations. 

These are the organizations that Little Bird will be donating to:

Both Hands Foundation: http://www.bothhandsfoundation.org

The Sparrow Fund: http://www.sparrow-fund.org/

The Harbor:  http://www.theharborspb.org/

More will be added in time, I am sure. For now, these people, these organizations....these orphans.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happenings at Little Bird

Just a little update for you!

A few things have sneaked back into the shop this week...

Including lovely little Rosette Pincushion Rings! More colors to come...

And Eastern Europe has made an appearance once again....starting with Russia! Available in *Design Your Own* More info on how these got started HERE.

And lastly....I *heart* Sewing Coffee Cuffs in *Design Your Own* are back as well!

PS: use code Happy25 at checkout to receive 25% off your next Little Bird purchase!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Memories and Wishes

Scenes in the house I have missed. Scenes that have been missing for a while...

My boy. I used to be held captive at the playdoh playing time for what seemed hours. Thinking, honestly, that it would be something that lasted for much longer than it did in reality.

How time passes so quickly and that 2..then 3...then 4....now 8(eight!) year old has grown so, so fast!

He took out a little tiny package of play-doh he received as a birthday party favor. Before I knew it, the table was covered in little shapes cut out of play-doh. Just like old times, but with a little more big kid vibe to it.

My big kid.

Sigh. Scenes I know will be missed once again...

Friday, August 12, 2011


Ya know it's been a long (or good?) week when there is a coffee theme to one's pics. For realz.

However, I'm gonna start off at last Friday....
This is one of my FAVE local Austin places to get pizza. It's in SoCo (known as South Congress) in downtown. LOVE it. My boy calls it "the best pizza in the universe". They also have garlic knots and yum salads.

Over the weekend, we got our craft on. I made up some more Vintage Dictionary Pendants and my boy made a pirate ship. He so rocks.

We also headed to the G-parents for a bit and my boy got to do some concrete surfing. Fun stuff.

Earlier in the week, we had to go downtown again for some adoption paper work chasing and I got to swing by my FAVE local Austin coffee place. Caffe Medici. Mmmm. Ironically, this pic? Had nothing to do with that coffee place, just happens to be a sign I saw when driving around and snapped it. :)

There were some Lego happenings around the house....plenty of heads seeming to be lost?! Who knows....

I stopped by my sisters for a bit one day and she gave me a belated B-Day present. Or early...either way it's funny because my birthday was in May and we already did a sister deal with that. BUT, my sis saw this on her vacation and said she HAD to get it for me. I laugh because it's as-big-as-yo-head huge! Plus, my niece will always tell her "Auntie Jaime can make anything!. So, there ya have it.

My boy is into TaeKwonDo. Big time. Loves it. Apparently is was a harder session....he fell asleep on the way home while playing his DS.

Oh look! Me....with what else, but an iced mocha! Oh yes, it was a HOT day and I needed a lovely iced beverage. With caffeine. And of course a coffee cuff to keep my hands from being all wet and cold.

And I leave you with my morning. I love how the sun filters into the dining room in the morning. Just makes me happy.

life rearranged

Thursday, August 11, 2011

On Horsemen and Legos

The other day my son hollers from the other room (he'd been playing with legos most of the morning) "Mom! I can't find my headless horseman! Have you seen it?"

Me: "no honey, I haven't seen any headless horsemen today"

The things I never thought I would say when I became a mother....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

To Be Made

Things in the making...

I picked up this fabulous turquoise dupioni silk, black and white damask print and some fun buttons at the fabric store not too long ago.

What will it become? Little gifts for the caregivers in the orphanage our Sunshine is currently in. Just a simple way to say 'thank you' for caring for our daughter until we could get back for her.

I cannot wait to get back to her.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fundraiser To Come!

A little sneak peek at our adoption fundraiser coming up this month!

We are still taking donations if you are willing to donate and spread the word about things! Just contact me at jaime (at) littlebirdcreations (dot) com!

If you've offered an item and are planning to send it/send a pic my way, give me a holla! Also, I am happy to include any links to shops/blogs etc., so just let me know what those are and I will include them with the fundraiser listing!