Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Craft Fair

A couple weeks ago I participated in my first art, craft and vintage Spring Fair.

I was hesitant at first to say 'yes' since we have literally been living "on hold" waiting for THE call to travel for our adoption for the past 9 months. But sometimes? Ya just gotta keep's a fine balance...(and I have yet to figure that balance out)

SO, I said yes and got my craft on super speed to get ready for it.

It has been a while since I've done a craft show and this would be my first like it. It was located in a coffee shop in downtown Austin where the BEST, most fabulous coffee is being served.
(Seriously, if you're ever in the Austin area, go check out Caffe Medici. Their mocha...I die it's so good!)

K...back to the show.

Let's just say at one point I think I hit freak out mode wondering if I could possibly put everything I needed together to go to this event. Figuring out how much to make and of what....ugh.  I decided to just make what I could and based the color combos on what was the latest and most requested from my Design Your Own listings.

Wanna little peak on my set up? It's super simple, but I tried to get it all together well on two tables that were only about 2ft. in diameter....not a ton to work with!

Here is my modest little table(s) all set up:

Here are some Pretty Rosette Pin Cushion Rings:

(I have not yet listed all of these in the shop, but hopefully soon they will be!)
And a total side note on the bowl the rings were in...I was packing all my display items to take to the show and the bowl slipped right outta my hands and crashed all over my dining room floor...disaster! I had no good backup except a bowl my Gramms had given me that I really did NOT want to use, but took it with me and held onto to it with a kung-fu grip lest anything should happen to it! It survived the show just fine, promise. But I will be replacing the broken bowl for the next show...

Overall, the show was good. I didn't make a ton of sales by any means, but I made some great connections and really enjoyed meeting the other creative types around me. And a total bonus? I got to drink coffee....lots of it the whole day. Mmm...

Tell me, are you planning any Spring or Summer shows? How do you plan for them?