Thursday, May 27, 2010

This Day...

This day, ten years ago, I married the love of my life! A decade

In ten years we have had

-a child through birth
-mourned not being able to have more when we wanted
-learned God's incredible grace and timing truly is not our own
-the journey of bringing home a child through adoption
-learned again how God's timing is perfect, not ours
-more moments than I can recount here together in this amazing life of marriage

We have grown in ways I never knew we could...or would.

We have learned to bend and sway with the gusting winds life can sometimes bring into a marriage. We have learned to choose to love each other through it all.

I cannot imagine my life without this man. My partner in this journey.

I love you babe. I cannot wait to see what the next decade and beyond brings for us. Happy Ten Years Together!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Drum roll please......

OK, it's about time I draw a winner and start answering some questions!!!

First, the winner courtesy of is....

Number 6! Who happens to be Denise who asked:

"I'm new to reading your blog so you may or may not have broached this subject before. My question is: what led you to choose to adopt from Russia as opposed to other foreign countries?"

Congrats and great question! Give me a holla at kinelska(at)gmail(dot)com with your contact info so I can send your goody to you!

To answer your question:

We knew we wanted to adopt from Eastern Europe somewhere (being part of my heritage is that) and through searching actually learned about the country of Kazakhstan. We knew about Russia, of course, and even know others who have adopted from there. Just never really thought, "oh hey! let's go there". We decided on an agency and through learning the different requirements and travel expected (already having a child at home to consider as well), Russia ended up being the best fit for us all around. Travel especially seemed much better, as with the first country we considered, 6-10 weeks away from home just wasn't going to work for us.
We are really happy we decided on Russia and have enjoyed learning so much more about it than we ever knew before. The culture,'s been a truly joyous, and at times with the delays, a frustrating experience. But! We know it will be worth it!

So, I hope that answers your question well! If not, I am always happy and willing to "talk adoption". It's my heart and we know we will adopt again in the future, whether domestically or internationally. :)

Thank you to all who entered! I will be answering the rest of the questions starting next week! And, if you missed the giveaway, but still want to ask a question go for it! I might even do another drawing for another fun little surprise!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Turning of Thirty Two

Ya know, I don't feel like I am about to turn 32. I know it is not an old age by any means, but I just don't feel that age. The age I did love though, 27! Not sure why, but it was a pretty good year.

The past two years I have done things like 30 random things and 31 flavors or some such. This year? I am not sure. I am thinking perhaps you guys could ask me 32 questions! Not that there are necessarily 32 people even reading this here blog, but perhaps we can make it work.

So, ask me anything! It can be about adoption, how I got started sewing, who my greatest spiritual influence is....whatever!

OH! Aaannnd, for for each of you that asks a question, you will get an automatic entry into my little giveaway! What am I giving away?! Well this cute little zippy pouch! That's what.

I must say, this fabric makes me want to just live in a cute little village, or town or street just like it! Colorful houses, adorable gardens and all! How about you?

For a BONUS entry:

*tweet or facebook (or both) about this giveaway

*tell me your favorite coffee (or tea) drink

Remember to leave a separate comment for each!

**UPDATE: Extended until Monday! I will draw a random winner Tuesday!**

I will choose a random winner next Friday, May 21st! OH! and this is open too ALL, international as well. :)