Thursday, September 29, 2011

Business of Oreos

We like Oreos in my family. No. We LOVE them.
However, we don't often buy them. They are a super special treat. Perhaps twice a year at most do they show up in our pantry.

But, the one time for sure they will be there? In the Fall when the typically white cream center turns to orange. Oh yes, the halloween Oreos. Mmm.

Now, I don't much care for (gasp) halloween itself. Always loved the dress up part, but never the scary part. I was the kiddo that would rather stay home and snuggle up and watch "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown". But, I can guarantee you I will eat some halloween Oreos!

We were enjoying some the other evening for dessert (I know, it's only September) and the question arose as to what kind of Oreo eater each one of us is.

These are the catagories we discovered:

The dipper : just lets a little of the cookie be dipped in the milk

The dunker: just dunks it and eats it (my son)

The drowner: dunks it in and lets it get all soaked up. Then eats it.

The 'no way I'm putting my cookie near milk': just likes to eat the cookie and chase it down with some milk. (my husband)

I am sure there are other types of ways to Oreos, but I have discovered I am a drowner. Doesn't that sound horrible?! Yeah, I think so too. But, it's true (gasp!) I let my cookie just drown in the milk. Yuppers.

Funny story, growing up if my aunt caught me doing that she'd scold me. I thought it was totally normal. She thought it was terrible to let your fingers get near the milk. Whatevs...I was a kid and didn't much care. She told me my grandfather (otherwise known as Papa) taught her how to eat them that way. Try as I might to please, I just couldn't do it. I'm a cookie drowner.


So, what kinda cookie eater are you? Do you even like Oreos?!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The other day I was meandering around a fabric store. I had been feeling a little, a lot sad. I wasn't sure why I was feeling so blue and then it hit me...

It had been seven months. Seven months since the very day my precious Gramms had passed away. months how could it possibly be?!

I miss her so, so, so much. I was in the middle of the store. A store we'd been in together countless times. I was looking at a book I thought she would have liked. I wanted to turn to her and show it to her, but she wasn't there. It was in that instant I snapped out of it and was almost a mess of tears.

I felt sad, mournful and a bit silly. Like I had almost forgotten she was gone. That she was not standing there with me.

So very sad. I quickly had to flee the store the tears were coming so fast.

I was a mess of tears. Tears flowing down that I could not stop. Oh how I miss her.

I talked to my sister the next day to find out she had been feeling the same way and didn't realize it either. Funny how that is, isn't it? Those moments of sadness well up inside us, but we don't always know why. Until we are reminded of that sadness....that day it happened. The day my precious Gramms went to heaven.

I want to think this sadness will one day fade away, but I don't think it ever will. I will never stop missing her.

It's hard to believe life keeps going on as it does and I do not get to share it with her. But, I know she is happy and free where she is....blissfully happy and with Jesus. And that? That gives me peace.

I love you Gramms...your generous heart and happy, sunshine filled smile will forever be with me.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tangled Mess

Over the weekend I decided to tackle some unruly twine....

It went from this:

With some of these:

and voila! Turned into these!

Much less tangled and more functional. :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Closet Thinking

It's been in my mind for a while...changing things up. Perhaps converting a closet?

I have a dedicated sewing/craft room. The thought of giving it up and giving it to my kids...well, some might think I've lost my mind! But, more often than not, my kiddo (and kiddo to be most likely will too) come in and sit and craft along while I am working. Or chat or talk or color/build/design....and the like. Right along side me and I love it.

However, I have a whole room. I love it. It's special space that I can dream and design and sew and create in.

But, changes are coming. And I've been thinking about this for a while. Thinking about converting the closet in said sewing/craft studio into the craft/sewing studio itself. Doing so would make more 'hang out' space for kids. Also? It could double as a play room/craft space of their own. I also like the idea that I could shut the doors of my sewing/craft studio, lock it and enjoy the rest of the space hangin' out with my kids! :)

I checked around internet world (mainly pinterest) and stumbled upon some very creative and lovely spaces.

love the colors in this one. Not sure how best used the space is though.

Source: via Jaime on Pinterest

this one is nice too...

very creative and good use of all the space!

Source: via Jaime on Pinterest

Okay...this is really fun. Too bad I don't have an armoire I could do this with.

Loving this one and the great use of space!

I'm thinking this one has to be my fave with the colors. Maybe a little more storage like the one above it though and it might just be the one! ;)

I know I have a lot (LOT) of purging and reorganizing to do to make this happen. That is, IF I decide to take the plunge. I know my kid(s) would love it. I'm thinking I would too.

It's gonna take some time....I'll let ya know if I go for it and pics along the way of the transformation.

Do you have a dedicated craft space? If not, does your dream room (or closet) look like?

Friday, September 2, 2011


It's InstaFriday! Time to share some fun and randomness of my past week...

Outside at a local Austin place. It was 8:30 at night, record high temps that day and misters still needed...HOT I tell ya.
On Sunday, after church we grabbed some Hey Cupcake! cupcakes. It's a super rare treat, but we were in the area, so....we got some. Mmm.

From my son's "I wonder journal" from school. Oh my heart. I love this kid. 

Apparently we had a chance of rain this week. Uh....yeah. No clouds, no rain, still icky hot.

Colors! I picked up some fun fabrics this week. Love them.

And ahh....pretty lantana. I think that's what this plant is called anyway. Regardless, I LOVE it. :)

life rearranged