Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday's With Mely

Every once in a while, we try to have a crafty day of some sort together, my niece and I. Unfortunately, last week we had to cancel last minute, but she ended up coming over on Saturday instead. My boy and hubby went to a birthday party for a fellow classmate of my boy's and Mely and I hung out and did some sewing.

We were making dolls for Craft Hope. If you haven't, you must check it out. Very cool.

While I was drafting a pattern (inspired by my niece's very own "squishy baby"), she drew this picture for me:

To translate the kindergarten hand writing (which I love oh so much!), it says (as she read it to me):

One day I went to my auntie Jaime's house. I made a doll. It was fun. I helped her. She loves me.

One thing I must say I thought was super adorable, is that she added "dashes" to her doll drawing like I was for the seam allowance on my drawings. Eek! I love it.

Oh how sweet this girly is! And she is right, her Auntie does love her very much.

The dolls are heading out this week and next week I will get some pics posted of them. Fun, fun.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday

This Wishlist Wednesday is more personal than usual. Well, there have only been two, but they are normally about *stuff* you can go look at and such.

Nope. This one is about my own personal (non-shopping oriented) wishlist for today.

1. I wish I had not made my new shirt too big. Thankfully, I can fix it. But I just hate it when I do that!

2. I wish time could stand still for a minute. Just a few moments and I could make my five year old just be five a few months longer....he's gonna by six in less than two months! Eek!

3. I wish that said five year old did not have asthma. Or a freaky fire ant allergy...could make a mom that lives in Texas a bit crazy ya know. Fire ants are EVERYWHERE!

4. I wish there were no such things as fire ants. Even if you aren't allergic, those darn little things hurt when they bite!

5. I wish I knew what to do about the turning funny color leaves on my bush bean plants. All the tomatoes and basil and such are doing fabulous! But not so much with the cucumbers and bush beans. Bummer.

6. I wish I could think of something brilliant to do for hubby for our anniversary. It's today. He's always so great with things and being romantic. So much so, I am typically at a loss at what to gift him!

7. I wish that this year, and every year really, for our anniversary we could go to the beach. I love the beach. I miss the beach.

8. I also wish that the grass could mow itself. Or just be pretty and green without growing...if ya know what I mean.

9. I wish I could just sit and read. I need to finish reading our books for the adoption.

10. I wish we were already finished with the Homestudy and simply waiting...I know it will not be easy. But waiting means closer to a referral. Hopefully.

Alrighty. Enough with this rambling randomness. Tell me your top 10 (or whatever number you would like) of your "wishlist". Anything? Anything at all?

**Next week: Back to shopping-ish oriented Wishlist Wednesday. **

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's Coming...

A SHOP update! Soon....

I have had a roller coster of things and emotions the last few months. SO many ideas, yet not sure how to get them accomplished.
Thinking of change, but not sure how it will be taken. Good? Not so much?

In the midst of being a mommy, and this venture of Little Bird coming about from the birth of my son, thinking of revamping almost seemed crazy. But, at the same time, also being in the midst of an international adoption and Summer Break coming in just over a week, I really wanted to be able to continue what I love, yet being able to be mommy first.

If it's one thing I got tired of hearing myself say during the first part of the year was, "just a minute babe, mamma's gotta get these orders finished". Ugh. And as much as I love creating things for Little Bird, my family comes first.

So, I decided a little break (whoops...a little longer than first intended) and just simply be a mom. And I have loved every minute of it! But, I also miss creating new things and fun stuff for kiddos at Little Bird. Yet, at the same time, I want to add some things. Do something a bit different.

I've also been spending time with other mammas and one dear mamma, specifically, asked me if I could help her learn to sew a bit. It worked out great since our two boys love to play together.

This particular mamma inspired me! I know I was supposed to help her, which honestly she has so much natural sewing and crafty ability, she hardly even needed my assistance! However, she also helped me. My friend, as well as other mamma's, or aunties or whomever, just getting into the whole crafty/sewing world sometimes need a simple start. Especially those wanting to make some kids items or just a simple sewing project to get started with.

SO, I came up with a few Little Bird patterns. Simple, great for people wanting a project that is not gonna take them hours, or a weekend. Nope, just a little time and lots of fun! Some require some sewing knowledge, others are a no sewing even required!

I am both exited and nervous about this. However, I hope it will be a joy to others. To learn, to try something new, to just have fun. So, check back and as soon as the SHOP is updated, I will post it here! Also, there will be a special "blog" and "tweet" followers discount....just sayin'.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Green Tomatoes

I am SO excited to see some little tomatoes forming in our garden!

This is our first attempt at a veggie garden. So far so good. It's just a simple 4X4 raised bed with some tomatoes, basil, bush beans, bell peppers, cucumbers, chives and cilantro. Most of the seeds I started did not sprout,*sigh*, so off to the garden center I went for some plants.

I wanted to start small with things I know we will gobble up. Next year I plan to expand a little. Definitely need a salsa garden happening...YUM!

Happy Friday to you and hope you have a safe a fun Memorial Day weekend!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday

Yesterday the weather was just so beautiful, we decided to have an impromptu picnic at the park for dinner. So, in a last minute effort to get at least most of what we needed, I made a list!

-Food. This is important. I quickly made up some hard boiled eggs with enough time for them to cool and be ready to eat. Grabbed some cheese, cucumbers, grapes, crackers and drinks. I am very thankful my son LOVES hard boiled eggs. He does not like sammies (sandwiches), however.

-Blanket, in case there were no tables avail. There were though. I have decided, however, that I need a super spiffy picnic blanket though. Must search flickr for some inspiration or something. Any ideas?

-Camera! Which I ended up forgetting in the car and not having. Oops.

-Eating utensils, if needed. I prefer the finger food variety of things for this though.

-Cooler to put it all in!

And while I made this list, I thought of some things that would make my life a bit easier when I do these things. Like, a picnic basket! What a brilliant idea.

So I went on an internet hunt to see what's out there. And in case anyone wonders, yes, these are now high on my wishlist!

I think I would like this one:

I just love all the options of colors this Metro Picnic Basket comes in!

Oooh, or this one!

Yes, great family one with this Oxford Picnic Basket for 4

And this one for the kiddos is adorable too!

Kids Picnic Basket. Cute!

Oh yes, it would make things more fun!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Superhero Cuffs!

A little while back, my son's best friend came for a visit and we made some fun Superhero Cuffs!

Since they were so fun and easy, I just had to share the how-to's!

What you'll need:

-some felt
-sewing machine and scissors (or rotary cutter)

Take your felt and cut it two 3 in. X approx 7 in. (depending on size of wrist). Measure around child's wrist and mark where you would need to adjust.

Take your velcro and place on cuffs. sew.


Now, go Save the Day!!!

Note: this is the simple version. These could easily be personalized with initials, etc. Fun!

Friday, May 15, 2009

31 Flavors

In turning 31 (today) and in honor of my favorite ice cream place, Baskin Robins (home of the 31 flavors), I've decided to share the 31 flavors of me. Otherwise known as 31 random tid bits.

I think I did this last year too when I entered into the new decade of turning 30. Hopefully I will not repeat too many things. :)

K, here goes....31 things about Jaime:

1. My favorite ice cream is chocolate mousse royale from Baskin Robins.

2. I love coffee. A lot. Right now I am into iced lattes, which is odd considering I like the triple grande mocha's usually.

3. I love getting pedicures. The more fun the color of polish the better.

4. I don't so much care for polish on my finger nails though.

5. I always have new design ideas in my head for some sort of sewing project.

6. A lot have to do with embroidery of late. That and things for my boy.

7. I love Jesus. He's awesome and has changed my life.

8. I am in the process of adopting a child from Russia

9. I have wanted to adopt since I was six years old.

10. I just started training for a 5k. Yes, I am crazy.

11. I used to be an ice dancer. Sometimes I miss it.

12. My other favorite ice cream flavor is very berry strawberry. In a cake cone.

13. I do not wear glasses.

14. I also don't wear contacts.

15. I used to work for an ophthalmologist...funny, huh?!

16. 4 years ago, I cut off over 12 inches of my hair to donate.

17. I did it in honor of a dear friend who, thankfully, won her battle with cancer.

18. I love linen. I have a few yards and just want to gobble it up, but not sure I want to cut into it yet.

19. I love photography. I hope to one day be as good as my dad-in-law.

20. I am a native Austinite. We are rare.

21. My nephew was born three days after my 21st birthday. He's an awesome kid

22. I married my best friend the year I turned 22!

23. I decided after three years of shorter hair, to grow it back out again.

24. Not sure I like it as much as shorter, easier to manage hair.

25. I gave birth (by c-section) to my son at the age of 25. How could that possible be THAT long ago?!

26. I have always wanted a big family. I am the mother of one with another to join our family through adoption.

27. I am ecstatic about it! Wouldn't change a thing.

28. I am battling PCOS and am determined to win the battle!

29. Part of my battling includes taking up jogging/running again. Wish me luck!

30. I have wanted to go to NYC my whole life, yet have never been. I should do that sometime.

31. I like the sound of 31 better than 30. I feel this is gonna be a great year!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday

I've seen this "wishlist wednesday" deal around blog land and thought it was so nifty! So, I thought I'd include it here at Chirpings too. Maybe it will get me out of my bloggy slump I feel I am in at the moment. Maybe not so much a slump, but more of a pre-occupation of adoption paperwork we are in the middle of. Once we are through the majority of it, then I think my bloggy slump will start to fade away....

Meanwhile, here is my first go at Wish List Wednesday...Enjoy!

It's been pretty warm, no, HOT!, here the last few days. Makes me think of soft, cool summer dresses and the beach. I wish we were closer to the beach...

But here are some things that remind me of summer breezes and the beach.

A fabulous beach tote!

Fused art glass ring

Something for the kiddo...

Fun Beach Towel

A little something for the garden...

Sweet Carolina Globe

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Before I Was A Mom

A slightly random list of things I was thinking about today, things I just didn't know so much about before I was a mom.

-Before I was a mom, I had no idea how much joy and anxiety waiting for the arrival of my child there could be.

-I didn't know anything about nursing or how many diapers I should count to make sure my baby was getting enough nourishment.

-I didn't know how much love my heart could possibly hold for one little human. And yet, it keeps growing.

-That one little human, when laughing, makes my heart sing!

-I didn't know how truly fast they grow, until there was my own seeming to race the speed of light with height and weight.

-I didn't know what fun playdough and coloring for hours on end could be. Not since I was that age.

-Before I was a mom, I had no clue the surprises that would await me in the washing fake lizards and pebbles from the playground.

-I also didn't know just how messy melted crayons in the dryer could be either....but a simple googling will let a mother know how to clean up. apparently it has happened to many a mother.

-Before I was a mamma, the joy of snuggling my child could only be imagined. The real thing is just so much sweeter.

-Before I was a mother, I had no clue the excitement there was of getting baby teeth, or the bitter sweetness of a child losing that first tooth, to then grow bigger ones. Big people ones. How is this so?

-How two little hands prints can bring a tear to my eye. Yet, fill me with such joy.

How I love being a mamma even with all the laundry and craziness that comes with it.

What's your random "before I was a mom list"?.

If I don't post before the day, Happy Mother's Day to all you fabulous mammas and mamma's to be out there!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Austen fun!

These are always fun to do. Not sure how accurate they always are, but fun nonetheless.

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Take the Quiz here!

So, are you and Austen fan? Who is your favorite heroine?