Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Robots are cool

This is a little something I have been up to for the past few weeks. I received a request from a certain Monkey Boy for a "robot pillow....and mama?! I also want a spaceship one too...cause they're cool". So, off to designing I went. I am still working on the spaceship one, but here is a glimpse of the robot one.

The son of mine was involved quite a bit on the design and color scheme of it all. Being that his two FAVORITE colors are blue and green...well, it had to be those colors!

I wasn't sure my draft of a robot would be *cool* enough, but he approved it, thankfully. Now, I just have to sew it together and stuff it and voila! He will have a new decorative pillow for his room. And of course, the spaceship one must not be left out. Gotta get back to work on that one. I think it will be a nice addition to his room that is currently quite a mixture of things that are, well, all boy and very him. The color scheme of it all seems to revolved around green and blue mostly , but it's funny to look from one end of the room with his trains and train table, to his bed with a train/puppy quilt combined with a mod looking octopus, to above his bed having a race-car checkered flag pennant-type banner to then looking at the window with very mod dot window *mobile* treatment type deal. Then there is the soccer stuff mixed in. ALL him, all boy.

I really enjoyed making this and have some fabric left over I might make a few one-of-a-kinds and add them to the SHOP. Sometimes I think there needs to be more nifty boy stuff out there, handmade of course.

Happy Tuesday to you!