Monday, May 12, 2008

Dino fun

Okay, I am attempting to get back into the swing of posting! I feel like I've been a little off lately, so I promise to try and get better at this.....

For now, I will do a little show&tell. This is something I designed and made two years ago for my son. After two years of "field testing" I have to say it's held up pretty dern well. It's a backpack, in case you were wondering. Before this one I had made him a puppy one. Same design and style essentially, just with a puppy on the front instead of a dinosaur. We are pretty into dino's and robots and the like here.

Anyhoo, it all started out with him needing a little backpack for pre-school. I wasn't pleased with the cheap-y, plastic-y, very commercial options out there that fell apart after only a few uses. Of course, I say this as he is now using a 'Cars' backpack. But that was due to a temporary, we thought we had lost this one and needed another one fast, kinda deal. However, he has since not wanted to use this one for school. No matter though, cause this one now houses dinosaurs for carrying around and such. Whew.

Where was I? Ah, dino pack. After a little trial and error with the puppy one, I chose a slightly better faux leather to sew this one out of. And I apparently had lost my mind as well when making this, cause I decided to sew the entire thing by hand. Yes, you really just read that I had sewn this entire backpack by hand. Why? Not sure other than my machine I had at the time really didn't like sewing my fabric choice and it was a whole lot less stress by hand than chewn up vinyl stuff in the machine. Honestly though, I really have come to like sewing by hand. It's very relaxing (depending on what you are sewing). Mainly embroidery and such is what I hand sew.

A little close up of the dino himself. Cute, isn't he? Can dinosaurs be cute?

This is a view of the back of the pack. One of the things I liked about the straps is I made them with parachute-type buckle deals, so it was really easy to attach to whatever I was needing to (like a stroller when he was small enough for one of those) when he was not carrying it himself. That way it could do more than just adjust the strap length, if that makes sense.

It's been a while (obviously) since I have made one for selling purposes and I was thinking I just might try it again. This time by machine, I think. What do you think? Something you might like your little one using for pre-school? I have two other designs as well being the Puppy and also a Poodle.

I have also thought about turning them into a pattern that others could sew themselves. That might take some time and thought. I mean, I can draft and make a pattern for myself to follow, but for others to read? Well, I don't know. Depends on how much interest there might be in such a thing.


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  1. Who says you can't do both? And I'm always happy to lend a hand with editing; lets me combine two my favorite things. :)