Thursday, May 1, 2008


Well, I took a bit of a blogging break that I did not expect. So much going on. Did you have a good weekend last? Same here. Well....all except for the little *fender bender* that resulted in a totaled vehicle. That was no fun. Thankfully everyone is just fine. Really, even the car was just fine. However, the air bags deployed (even though it was really a tiny fender bender) which I think caused more damage than anything. Literally. I was not in the car (poor hubby, but I so love him and am not mad...because he is OK! and my son is OK and no one was hurt!) but when my hubby got home and I saw my car after the insurance guy came out and said it would most likely me totaled ( or whatever the term is), I thought it was a joke! Seriously, you have to really look for the damage to see it! BUT, my car is not so young anymore and the cost to fix the air bag deal alone was atrocious! Insane. If the air bags had not deployed I would still have my car. The car I love and that we brought our son home in. I know it really boils down to being simply transportation, but I went from being pregnant, to having a newborn to a now about to be going into kindergarten age child next fall in that car! It was a fabulous and very functional car! I miss it so. However, thankfully we were able to turn right around and get another vehicle (same type, just slightly upgraded and a different color) within two days. Whew! Really, it just looks like I got a new paint job and re-upholstered insides! Good, yes?! I think so. It honestly feels no different other than the color thing. Although, I got slightly confused the other day coming out of Joanns looking for my car. "Oh yeah! That's it starring me in the face....that would be my new-ish car right there!".

Wow, was that long winded. Sorry 'bout that.

Happy almost Thursday!

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  1. I get sentimental about things as well, and have to remind myself they are just THINGS. But my first car, a jeep wrangler, I had bought all on my own, took my sisters and me down to CA for a roadtrip, and had such good times with that car. When my husband and I consolidated to 1 car, I would have cried had it not been another jeep - and so, we brought home our liberty! Love it. It's ok to know what you like and feel attached (just not TOO attached!). :)