Friday, May 30, 2008

30 Things About Me

K, so here goes.....

In no particular order, here are thirty things about me that I am certain you are just itching to know! Okay, not really, but here it is none the less:

1. I officially turned thirty on the 15th of this month. I am looking forward to it being a GREAT decade!

2. I just celebrated being married to the love of my life and best friend for eight years. We met when we were 15, started dating at sixteen and married in 2000 at 22.

3. I am a native Austinite (to answer a couple of you that asked). Born and raised here and we're not too common, really. I think out of all the close friends through the years, my sister is the only other I know that was born here. Funny. I did live a little in the Dallas area and also the Bryan/College Station area for the first year of our marriage while my hubby finished up school there. Despite being a native Austinite, I am loyal to the Aggies, being that I married one. BUT, I was raised a Longhorn.

4. To answer sbonetsue, my favorite cake is Black Forest. My other favorite is cheesecake!

5. What inspires me? So many things! Just looking around at the ordinary can sometimes be a breath of fresh air to inspiration. Hard to say anything specific on that one really. Ideas can just suddenly pop into my head at the oddest times, like when I'm fixing dinner or playing a game with my son.

6. So, I am a native Texan, but I do not have a typical Texas accent. At all. Probably because I was raised by Yankees ( and I say that lovingly). Although, they do not have typical accents from where they are from either. People ask me all the time where I am from. When I tell them, they seem to have some preconceived notion of Texans (like we all ride horses and wear cowboy hats, etc.) and say I don't sound like I could be from here. Oh well, not that I do not have an occasional accent, just not an obvious one. :)

7. kiddlebug asked, " what is one thing you would like to accomplish by the time you are 40?". Wow, so many things! I do have to say I would love to learn more about photography. Does that count? Oh, and travel to Israel. And go sky diving. Okay, I could go on, but I am having a hard time saying just one thing.

8. I am a mom of one. Not necessarily by choice. Infertility can make life, well, not so easy. I have always wanted a big family, but God obviously knows best. Not that I always understand what He wants, but the "Peace that passes all understanding" is an amazing place to be. I love being a mom more than anything and am really so thankful for what He has given and the joy that my son has brought.

9. Reason for infertility? PCOS and Hypo Thyroid. Fun. No, not really, but it is what it is.

10. I have often thought about starting a PCOS blog as well, but hesitate. I do not want it to be a sob story, but one of hope and not focusing on infertility itself, but embracing and living life regardless. Showing how to just live and also cope with PCOS. That there is just so much more to life than PCOS. Not sure if I will ever do it, but I know there is something I could DAILY write about for it. Really. Not always negative, not always positive. Who knows, maybe that should be put on my *to start* list!

11. Hmmm, Laura asked some great questions! I pick: " If you won a $50 million dollar lottery, would you still work? Why or why not?". IF I were to win such a thing, I would probably still work. Right now I am a SAHM, or WAHM, mainly. But I would want to be involved with as much *giving* away as possible. Not sure how, but helping others is very important to me.

12. I have a huge heart for adoption. Always have. People often think it is tied to having infertility issues, but truth be told it isn't. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to adopt. Whether I was to have biological children or not, I wanted to adopt. Still do. Plan to in the future at some point. Hopefully sooner than later.

13. Who taught me to stitch? My Gramms. I love my Gramms and I am so blessed to have her still in my life. She is a spunky, fun and amazing person who has taught me so very much in the way of sewing, knitting, crochet and the like. Thank you Gramms!

14. I craft almost daily. Some days not, but still have ideas in my head all. the. time. Now, If I could just manage the time to get them all out of my head and accomplished! That's one thing I would like to do in my next thirty years! :)

15. anymommy asked what I did 10 years ago for my 20th birthday. For the life of me I CANNOT remember! I can recall my 17th when my hubby (then Boyfriend) threw me a surprise party. And I can remember my 21st because it was "Boot Dance" at Texas A&M and it just so happened to be on MY special day which worked out nicely, cause I got to dress up and taken dancing! But, for whatever reason, my twentieth seems to elude me.

16. I started figure skating at the age of four. I continued until about 19/20 years of age. I started out in *singles*, or whatever they call it now, but eventually took to Ice Dancing and LOVED it! Miss it, but would miss my husband and son more.

17. I still have my first pair of skates. They're in a box, but I still have them.

18. Michelle asked, "Did you grow up in an artistic family or is this something that you discovered about yourself later on?". Ya know, I would love to say I had two incredibly creative parents, but not really. My sister, definitely artistic. More so than she knows or applies. I still have a drawing she did that I adore. My grandparents, SUPER creative. That's a whole other blog post. My Gramms I've mentioned and my Papa, wow, the amazing things he could do with wood and paint. Simply amazing. So, to actually answer the question, I somewhat have come from some inherited creativeness and artistic abilities. The sewing gene though comes from my great-grandmother. :)

19. I love dark chocolate. And coffee. I am not afraid to admit I have a serious Starbucks addiction.

20. I want to run a marathon. That is on the list for something I want to accomplish in the next five years.

21. I haven't made a quilt yet. Have one to make. Two actually. That is on the "to do by end of 2008" list.

22. I love the color brown. Pink and purple are what my son will tell you are my favorite colors (they were when I was a little girl) but as I have gotten older I love brown. Green and brown together. Okay, I love many color combos. It is so hard to pick just one!

23. I LOVE, love, love fabric. When I was little my mom would often *lose* me in department stores. Where she found me? Feeling all the different textures and colors of the fabrics. Yeah, I know. Crazy.

24. I designed and made my own prom dress. Why? Well, I could not find what I was looking for! I did that often as a teenager and still sometimes now. When I can't find it, I attempt to make it.

25. I did not make my own wedding dress. I designed it, but ended up choosing another one. Store bought. I have honestly always regretted not making it myself. not that I didn't like mine. LOVED it. Just one of those things I always wanted to do and didn't. Lesson learned, yes? Yes.

26. Wow, am I boring you yet? Still with me? Good, let's keep going....

27. I love reading. I do not do it nearly enough though. Currently the only books I am reading are for my women's Bible Study group. We are reading ' For Women Only". Very good read. Easy read.

28. I need something else to read soon. Any suggestions? Other than devotionals. Got plenty of those to catch up on.

29. I have never gone snow skiing. I know! This coming from a former figure skater. I have also never taken a hot air balloon ride, but really want to someday!

30. What has been my best birthday ever? I honestly don't really have one. I guess each passing year....cause I am thankful to still be here! :)

K, so I hope I didn't bore you too much! I think I got everyone's questions answered. If not, I am sorry. You can always email me if you really want it answered! :)

Alrighty, so on to other things.....LATER today I will announce the WINNER of the giveaway! Can ya stand the wait???


  1. My favorite cake is black forrest too! Although I usually ask for strawberry shortcake for my birthday. Something about strawberries in august, so yummy. :)

  2. That was really fun!

    We are even more alike . . .
    I guess I didn't realize the infertility aspect of your life. And then the adoption. Me, too. Same thing. Exactly. I have always wanted to adopt but for the reason that my brother (my only sibling) is adopted and seeing the passion my mother had for adoption has inspired me.

    Really fun to learn more about you:)