Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Woof! Woof!

After I had been out running some errands pretty much all morning and then picked up the monkey boy from pre-school, I came home to find this sweet pooch...

Not where she was supposed to be! She was in the house, not in her crate. Yes, I am one of those owners who crates their puppers while out. I know there are some that do and some that don't, we do. Apparently I forgot to latch the door. Oops. I would be perfectly happy to leave her out to lounge in the house, but it's safer for her not to be. I am telling you, behind those striking blue eyes, there is plenty of mischief to be had. Plenty. Like when you go to clear the dishes from the the table and turn around to get what leftovers there might be and nothings there because it's already been gotten to and in her tummy before you can even blink! And she's so quiet about it, that you'd never know unless you caught her in the act or see remnants on her fur. And it's not just food she can get into. She gets into things you'd NEVER think a dog would go after. Like, one night we were all settled in and suddenly we hear this loud Crunch, Crunch! And I ran out to see what was up and she had gotten hold of my old camera! My camera! Thankfully, it was no longer in use and just being played with by my son. (really old dinky one from highschool)Unfortunately then his pretend camera was no longer. There have been other times she decides she wants to "play" with the monkey boy's toys. As in, takes the bin right off the shelf! I am pretty sure she could open the door is she was allowed enough time to try and figure the knob out. She has opened cabinet doors before. Thankfully most of them that contain anything that could be harmful to her have child lock things on them. Sheesh.

Whats really funny, these are rare moments, but they do happen and when you least expect it. Otherwise she is a sweet, loving an playful dog that we simply adore. Very good with our kiddo and others kiddos. But, being a husky she can get bored if not entertained enough for whatever reason. However, she gets plenty of attention from us and very much from her boy (otherwise known as my son). Its great when they are running in the backyard together. Hilarious even.

Gotta love dogs! Anyone else got some crazy things their pets do?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fun stuff and sniffles

Do you ever feel like you're just in a funk? I kinda do. Mainly a blogging one. There are days I can think of plenty to blog about and then other days just nothing. Really, there is always some type of something I could ramble on about. Maybe I should have a nonsense ramble day? Dunno. We'll see. A little bit of random here and there could be good.

Meanwhile, while the rest of my family is at church, I am home fighting off illness. I do not like being sick. There have been so many cases of flu and walking pneumonia that friends or friends kids have had lately and we have thankfully dodged it....until now. I sure hope this is just some loverly allergies or a mild cold. Please, no flu! I am thinking allergies because we just did a good bit of gardening and pulling of weeds, which can cause things such as stuffy noses and sneezing and all. However, I have been beat all week and just tired for no reason. So, I am drinking lots of tea and just trying to take it easy this morning and rest. It's hard to just sit and rest when there is so much else to get done. I am not a good sick person.

Okay, enough about illness and yuck like that. Here are the latest from Little Bird now over in the SHOP.

cherry-delicious popsicle

swimming sea turtle

And speaking of oneies and tees don't forget to check back soon for my March giveaway! More details on that to come.

Happy non-sneezing Sunday to you!

Monday, February 18, 2008


Wow, didn't mean to take such a long blogging break.....whoops. I hope you all had a wonderful and fabulous Valentines day. We kept it pretty simple here, which is nice. I like simple.

Meanwhile, yesterday we had some Sunday afternoon fun with flubber! Yes, I said flubber, goo, slime...what ever you want to call it. So much fun! Normally after church and dinner we just lounge and rest for a bit before heading back for evening service and Awana, but this time we were just so awake that we decided to do a "project". My monkey boy had been asking ALL week if we could do this and we just hadn't set the time aside, so what better time than now?!

We started out with some plain old white glue and water, mixed in some food coloring...

Wow, look at those pretty colors! Then we mixed some more

Then, we decided we wanted it more green, cause it's his favorite color and apparently "goo is supposed to be green, mom". Oh, is it now? Okay then, green it is.

This is about as green as it got. Not as dark as he was hoping for, but it will do.

Then we added the remaining water and a little borax and this is what we ended up with

Flubber-y, goo stuff. Seriously fun!

This stuff is crazy!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Weather

Okay, so not that I don't have things to blog about, I do! However, laundry is calling to me (oy!) and I must go finish it or it will overflow out the laundry room into the hallway and then trip me as I try to pass. Not very pleasant. What is pleasant is the weather today! Wow! Yesterday was kinda humid and a ridiculous 80-something February! Then, early this morning it was like 40-something and now has warmed to a pleasant 60-something. I am sure those in colder climates that might be reading this are cursing me right now (please don't hate), however, come July and August (even May sometimes) it will be a hot and humid 100plus degrees for a really, really long time. Weather here is odd, mild mostly, but can be really odd. Like an ice storm can hit in November and then be in the 80's for Christmas and then snow on Valentines day (yes that all actually happened in ONE year here). Or, 95 in May only to have a freak cool front in June and be in the 70's. I know, crazy. Thankfully, no ice storms have hit this year. There are two common saying here: one being "if you don't like the weather, wait a minute, it'll change", the other being (for those that visit in May/June) "if you think it's hot now, wait until August!".

Okay, enough boring talk about the weather...... tell me, what are some crazy sayings where you are? It doesn't have to be weather related or anything like that...unless you want it to be.

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, February 1, 2008

It's coming....

SHOP update will be happening today!!! Afternoon of course about 2pm central time. I would be happy to do it before then, however, we have soccer practice first. Why did I decide to have a SHOP update the same day soccer started up again? Who knows.

BUT, before any of that I promised a drawing and here it is....drum roll please (I know, I'm a goof).....

In my current favorite coffee mug (for those wondering)

with the help of my name drawing assistant (otherwise known as my son)

And the WINNER is Christine! Congrats!!! Just shoot me an email Christine and I will get you the details on your 20% off deal!

Happy Friday to all!