Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Things That Change

Where to begin? So much to chat about....

Let's see, Summer is in full swing here at Little Bird. Both kiddos outta school and keeping this mama quite busy!

Swimming, playing, Just Dance, trampoline, coloring, bike between that, designing, packing up and shipping orders, listing a few new things...

Which brings me to the biggest change at Little Bird. A new name.

Yup. Little Bird will soon be called something different!

I know. Some have thought this is awesome and others don't understand why I'd change from it!

Well, I love it too. Apparently many love it. So much so that they have to have a name *almost*, but just a tad different, from it. Sometimes, way too similar. However, it's brought it to my attention enough that I feel it's time to separate myself from that, yet still keep with my beloved bird theme. Especially since both my kiddos have nicknames I call them related to birdies. :)

So...without further ado....

Little Bird is now Chirp Handmade.

The change will be gradual as I will be updating the blog, shop and overall appearance of it all over the next few weeks.

This new name though? I kinda like it. A lot. It keeps a little familiarity, but making sure to say HANDMADE! I love that I am able to create and do. I love my little shop. I hope to take my little shop to new places and heights this next year.

I've had to keep it *on hold* for so long, I almost felt it was more hobby than business. But, not longer. This is my business and I love it. Hopefully this also means that this little ol blog will see some more posting! More on that on another post...

SO, keep your eye out for the new Chirp Handmade changes coming soon! First up...the Shop!