Friday, October 29, 2010

My Very Favoritest Pair

My sun glasses. My favorite sunglasses suddenly bit the dust the other day.

I am sad. My very favoritest (I know, not really word, but let's go with it...) pair that took me forever to find (at Target) and the same pair that traveled to Russia with me when I met Songbird.

Broken. Not fixable. Boo.

Just to give you a little history on me and sunglasses...I have one pair that I LOVED and wore forever that I got on sale. They were Fossil and they were perfect in every way for me...AND they were plum color! I'm not kidding when I say I bought them when I was 17years old and wore them until I was 25.

Yes, yes I did.

I would probably still be wearing them had they not fallen off my head, while I was carrying my huge baby in his carrier to the car, and crashed to the garage floor. They stayed intact just fine, but the lenses were all scratched up. Boo.

SO, I went to my old stand-by ones. Ya know, that extra pair one stashes in case of such things. Ones I bought for a ridiculous $4 when I was the ripe old age of 14. Oh yes, I still had those and wore those until about two years ago.

It sometimes is a little embarrassing...especially when people comment and want to know where I got them...

How to you tell people you've had them over 10 (plus, plus, plus) years and when you do tell them such a thing, guess what?! They look at you like you're a little silly...OR they think it's awesome...

Yeah, Oh well....

So, clearly, when I needed to go in search of new sunglasses, this next pair had to have some serious wow effect with me. Okay, really, comfy. I need comfy and something that helps when evil migraines occur.

Also? I seem to do best with the not really expensive brands, because I am certain! certain, that I would lose or sit on them or something within three seconds. Because, did you read? $4...and lasted almost forever.

SO, when my son saw my broken sunglasses on the kitchen counter, he picked them up, gave me a "oh mom, so sad"face and then said, "I will take a look at them and see if I can fix them for you, mom!".

Ack! I love that kid. He truly gets the importance of mom's sunglasses. Which I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not....

However, this weekend I will go in search of another pair of sunglasses. And when I find them, I am getting TWO pair, because it seems that they only last a year with me now instead of over a decade....

Do you have a favorite pair of sunglasses that have lasted way longer than expected? Surely I cannot be the only one...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Artwork Wall

I love this wall. I love how it changes and evolves through different phases of our days/weeks/months.

It used to look like this:

I loved it then too. Then, I thought it would be super fun to just plaster the whole wall with all the different pictures and paintings and crafty projects....

However, then I decided to repaint that room.

And now, it looks different. But, I think it's a good different.

It has evolved and changed, just as my boy has grown and changed. What was once scribbles has become more defined and intentional.

And it will change again in time.

We (meaning the boy and I) decided we needed to make sure there was room for Songbird's pictures and paintings to hang up too. So, when she arrives, we will rearrange once again.

The ever growing, changing and evolving art work wall.

Yes, I love this wall.

Do you have an art work wall or space in your home? Feel free to share about it! :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Little Whimsy

A new item has arrived in the Little Bird shop...

They are Pretty Rosette Pincushion Rings!

I was in my sewing room not too long ago, staring at the many pieces of felt I have hanging about. I was trying to think of some more fun ways to use up these lovely pieces. At the same time, I also have this terrible habit when I sew, of holding the pins in my mouth (I know, sounds gross, but it's more dangerous than gross) and the idea suddenly came to me....I needed a pretty pincushion that was as fun as it was functional!

I mean, I have a pin holder and it's wonderful. But, I really needed something that was going to be able to move about with me. It is also SUPER handy for craft nights and, honestly, just fun to wear in general.

SO, along came the idea and design and the Pretty Rosette Pincushion Ring. I have been using mine for a couple weeks now, ya know, to really make sure it was super functional as well as just fun and pretty......and ya know what?! I have no clue how I worked before without it! Seriously, I've almost (for real!) kicked the habit of the pin in the mouth deal. Okay, held the pin between my lips thing....whatever one wants to call it....

They are fun, they are functional and they make a great and whimsical gift for the crafter in your life!

More colors are to come, but for now you can find a few Pretty Rosettes over in the SHOP!

Monday, October 18, 2010

An Urgency...

I have this insane urgency...this feeling in my gut. I feel it, but I cannot explain it.

Everything is about to change.

No, we don't have our travel dates yet, but we are in the "any day" moments and I just could almost call it "nesting".

Her room is ready, for the most part. She has all the basics she will need, plus a little.

We bought her "gotcha day" outfit. The first new items of clothing she has ever had. Bought just for her...her very own.

A few other new items (shoes, socks, tights, jammies, etc.) and some other clothes my sister has given me from my niece.

I got this feeling and I went to work, laying out everything we will need to take for her. I have it on her bed all ready. Ready for what I'm not be packed in a suitcase? Perhaps.

I know when "that call" happens, my brain will just get overloaded with all the planning....

Which is why I seem to be "nesting" and getting it all settled and ready to go now. I even have our court clothes all picked and all....

If it's one thing I don't want to forget it's our clothes for court and her gotcha day outfit. The rest we can deal with later.

Oh, and's gonna be much chillier there than here!

Even my son feels it. I can tell in the way he is more snuggly than usual. I breathe in those hugs a little longer knowing I will be away from him the longest I ever have. Yet, at the same time going to take care of my daughter.

I do not know how I will find the balance....being away from one to be with the other. It will be only my second experience doing this. But this time? This time is different. This time she is coming home.

Songbird is coming home with her mama and papa to her forever home. Her forever family.

Yes...everything is about to change...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sneak Peeky

Here is a little glimpse of Songbird's room. It's not completely finished, but here is a little sneak peek for ya!

Little vintage shoes I found years ago at an antique store. Love them! 

Songbirds bed (craigslist score!) and no worries, it may look a little plain right now, but I will be adding some throw pillows and such. The cover on the bed is actually another vintage treasure from my hubby's grandmother. It's a beautiful vintage chenille bedspread. 

The fabric bunting (banner? whatchamacallit?) I made using a mix of different fabrics, including Amy Butler.

Art work I made, inspired by this fabulous gal over HERE

Some pretty (and seriously full of glitter that I am certain we will have meandering around for the next 20years...) butterfly wings I scored at my local dollar store. They are hanging on some wooden letters/numbers that used to be in my boy's room. He said he wanted to give them to his sister and helped re-paint them. They were blue/dark blue and now they are purple/lavender. 

And there you have it! A glimpse into her room. We are purposefully keeping it pretty simple. No need to overwhelm our child who truly has never had her own anything. Her own room? her own bed? her very own toys? Yeah, keeping it simple is best. 

There is a table and chairs that we are working on to add to the room for impromptu tea parties and such. The table is from Ikea and the chairs were mine as a little girl. I will show and tell those soon too. 

And I am not sure why, but the color of the walls IRL looks most like the birdy art work pic. The rest are a little lighter, but nonetheless, I love the color!