Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday

Yesterday the weather was just so beautiful, we decided to have an impromptu picnic at the park for dinner. So, in a last minute effort to get at least most of what we needed, I made a list!

-Food. This is important. I quickly made up some hard boiled eggs with enough time for them to cool and be ready to eat. Grabbed some cheese, cucumbers, grapes, crackers and drinks. I am very thankful my son LOVES hard boiled eggs. He does not like sammies (sandwiches), however.

-Blanket, in case there were no tables avail. There were though. I have decided, however, that I need a super spiffy picnic blanket though. Must search flickr for some inspiration or something. Any ideas?

-Camera! Which I ended up forgetting in the car and not having. Oops.

-Eating utensils, if needed. I prefer the finger food variety of things for this though.

-Cooler to put it all in!

And while I made this list, I thought of some things that would make my life a bit easier when I do these things. Like, a picnic basket! What a brilliant idea.

So I went on an internet hunt to see what's out there. And in case anyone wonders, yes, these are now high on my wishlist!

I think I would like this one:

I just love all the options of colors this Metro Picnic Basket comes in!

Oooh, or this one!

Yes, great family one with this Oxford Picnic Basket for 4

And this one for the kiddos is adorable too!

Kids Picnic Basket. Cute!

Oh yes, it would make things more fun!


  1. Too, too adorable. I am now MAKING a wishlist and adding a picnic basket. Enjoy the lovely weather!

  2. Hi Jaime, I just love picnic baskets, too! I'm probably a wicker hamper girl having watched too many BBC period productions where they looked so glamourous with their dejeuners sur l'herbe (and butlers!).

    In Ireland, I'm still waiting for the promised sunny dry days where we can grab a moment for a picnic!

    Your blog is wonderful!