Friday, May 15, 2009

31 Flavors

In turning 31 (today) and in honor of my favorite ice cream place, Baskin Robins (home of the 31 flavors), I've decided to share the 31 flavors of me. Otherwise known as 31 random tid bits.

I think I did this last year too when I entered into the new decade of turning 30. Hopefully I will not repeat too many things. :)

K, here goes....31 things about Jaime:

1. My favorite ice cream is chocolate mousse royale from Baskin Robins.

2. I love coffee. A lot. Right now I am into iced lattes, which is odd considering I like the triple grande mocha's usually.

3. I love getting pedicures. The more fun the color of polish the better.

4. I don't so much care for polish on my finger nails though.

5. I always have new design ideas in my head for some sort of sewing project.

6. A lot have to do with embroidery of late. That and things for my boy.

7. I love Jesus. He's awesome and has changed my life.

8. I am in the process of adopting a child from Russia

9. I have wanted to adopt since I was six years old.

10. I just started training for a 5k. Yes, I am crazy.

11. I used to be an ice dancer. Sometimes I miss it.

12. My other favorite ice cream flavor is very berry strawberry. In a cake cone.

13. I do not wear glasses.

14. I also don't wear contacts.

15. I used to work for an ophthalmologist...funny, huh?!

16. 4 years ago, I cut off over 12 inches of my hair to donate.

17. I did it in honor of a dear friend who, thankfully, won her battle with cancer.

18. I love linen. I have a few yards and just want to gobble it up, but not sure I want to cut into it yet.

19. I love photography. I hope to one day be as good as my dad-in-law.

20. I am a native Austinite. We are rare.

21. My nephew was born three days after my 21st birthday. He's an awesome kid

22. I married my best friend the year I turned 22!

23. I decided after three years of shorter hair, to grow it back out again.

24. Not sure I like it as much as shorter, easier to manage hair.

25. I gave birth (by c-section) to my son at the age of 25. How could that possible be THAT long ago?!

26. I have always wanted a big family. I am the mother of one with another to join our family through adoption.

27. I am ecstatic about it! Wouldn't change a thing.

28. I am battling PCOS and am determined to win the battle!

29. Part of my battling includes taking up jogging/running again. Wish me luck!

30. I have wanted to go to NYC my whole life, yet have never been. I should do that sometime.

31. I like the sound of 31 better than 30. I feel this is gonna be a great year!


  1. Happy Belated (again) Birthday!

    I too have been told that I have PCOS. I am BATTLING weight loss right now which includes being 1/2 way into the 30 day shred. I haven't lost ONE pound. I hid my scale and plan to just keep trying to be healthy but it is frustrating.

    May I ask what effects from PCOS you are having? (You can e-mail me). Thanks!