Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's Coming...

A SHOP update! Soon....

I have had a roller coster of things and emotions the last few months. SO many ideas, yet not sure how to get them accomplished.
Thinking of change, but not sure how it will be taken. Good? Not so much?

In the midst of being a mommy, and this venture of Little Bird coming about from the birth of my son, thinking of revamping almost seemed crazy. But, at the same time, also being in the midst of an international adoption and Summer Break coming in just over a week, I really wanted to be able to continue what I love, yet being able to be mommy first.

If it's one thing I got tired of hearing myself say during the first part of the year was, "just a minute babe, mamma's gotta get these orders finished". Ugh. And as much as I love creating things for Little Bird, my family comes first.

So, I decided a little break (whoops...a little longer than first intended) and just simply be a mom. And I have loved every minute of it! But, I also miss creating new things and fun stuff for kiddos at Little Bird. Yet, at the same time, I want to add some things. Do something a bit different.

I've also been spending time with other mammas and one dear mamma, specifically, asked me if I could help her learn to sew a bit. It worked out great since our two boys love to play together.

This particular mamma inspired me! I know I was supposed to help her, which honestly she has so much natural sewing and crafty ability, she hardly even needed my assistance! However, she also helped me. My friend, as well as other mamma's, or aunties or whomever, just getting into the whole crafty/sewing world sometimes need a simple start. Especially those wanting to make some kids items or just a simple sewing project to get started with.

SO, I came up with a few Little Bird patterns. Simple, great for people wanting a project that is not gonna take them hours, or a weekend. Nope, just a little time and lots of fun! Some require some sewing knowledge, others are a no sewing even required!

I am both exited and nervous about this. However, I hope it will be a joy to others. To learn, to try something new, to just have fun. So, check back and as soon as the SHOP is updated, I will post it here! Also, there will be a special "blog" and "tweet" followers discount....just sayin'.

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