Thursday, May 7, 2009

Before I Was A Mom

A slightly random list of things I was thinking about today, things I just didn't know so much about before I was a mom.

-Before I was a mom, I had no idea how much joy and anxiety waiting for the arrival of my child there could be.

-I didn't know anything about nursing or how many diapers I should count to make sure my baby was getting enough nourishment.

-I didn't know how much love my heart could possibly hold for one little human. And yet, it keeps growing.

-That one little human, when laughing, makes my heart sing!

-I didn't know how truly fast they grow, until there was my own seeming to race the speed of light with height and weight.

-I didn't know what fun playdough and coloring for hours on end could be. Not since I was that age.

-Before I was a mom, I had no clue the surprises that would await me in the washing fake lizards and pebbles from the playground.

-I also didn't know just how messy melted crayons in the dryer could be either....but a simple googling will let a mother know how to clean up. apparently it has happened to many a mother.

-Before I was a mamma, the joy of snuggling my child could only be imagined. The real thing is just so much sweeter.

-Before I was a mother, I had no clue the excitement there was of getting baby teeth, or the bitter sweetness of a child losing that first tooth, to then grow bigger ones. Big people ones. How is this so?

-How two little hands prints can bring a tear to my eye. Yet, fill me with such joy.

How I love being a mamma even with all the laundry and craziness that comes with it.

What's your random "before I was a mom list"?.

If I don't post before the day, Happy Mother's Day to all you fabulous mammas and mamma's to be out there!

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  1. This is really sweet! Hope that you had an awesome Mom's day! Sorry, this is late but I am playing catch up with my Google Reader Account.