Saturday, April 4, 2009

Looking Through the Window

This is a fun little project I did a couple weekends back. I had this vintage window I purchases several years back from a local antique shop. I remember they had some lovely shabby chic items in their booth. Delightful to look at!

Through the last several years, this window has traveled around with me and ended up in various rooms of the house. Finally it went above the fire place in this little niche and fit just right. I took some family photos and had them hang out in there for a couple years. Then I rearranged again and it got put away for a bit in the guest/storage room.

Then, I rearranged some more! I put the window back in the niche above the fire place and it just worked. Again. But it needed something. Being that that room was once the family room, now turned dining room. I wanted something other than pictures of people.

So, I thought about something with leaves or tree like. I grabbed some decorative paper I had in my old "paper scraping" stash. (I don't paper scrap any longer...I went digital and STILL can't seem to get more than two books done. I guess I like the journaling aspect more? Who knows. One day....).

So, I took the paper and just randomly cut out some "leaves" and took some double sided tape and stuck 'em up in the window.


I don't remember what the window cost me, but the paper I got at Joann's for under $2.

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