Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Strange and Scary Thing Happened...

It was a dark and stormy...err...early evening. Then it happened.


It sure happened alright.

On our way to church last night, while trying to beat the storm coming with gargantuan hail, we got stuck. Right on the highway, with a bunch of other poor people. As if the tornado watch wasn't enough.

My husband was driving, son in the back and I, like a good bloggy mom that I am, just happened to have my camera handy! So, I snapped what I could with the ear shattering sound of hail smashing about us.

This is what it looked like at just as it started:

Some that had smashed on the windshield...

Then it practically covered the road. Smashed and driven over.

And with the pea and marble sized stuff, came the huge boulders (k, not really, but sounded like it!) that helped to do this:

Here is just a glimpse at how big it was.

Not sure if it shows so well, but it was slightly larger than a golfball...and boy did it do some serious damage! We were lucky and my new windshield decoration, I now call the spider web, was the worst for us. That and some serious dents in the hood. There were other cars around us though that had their whole back windshields shattered.

Talk about scary! I am thankful we came away with no one injured or harmed. But my car now resembles a golf ball. :(

But, it could've been worse. Hope all are staying safe with any bad weather that might be around them!


  1. You are SOOO lucky , I am glad that you are safe, Those situations get so very scary.

  2. Oh my gosh! Whenever I see hail like that, I think tornado!