Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Little Bit of Spring

The other day I decided to take a moment to relax outside in the beautiful weather we had over Spring Break.

I checked some email, then put the computer was just too pretty out there.

And look! I have purple toes! My sister has gotten me addicted to pedicures....

Then this little Monkey (who really does not like to be called "little" any longer....*sob*) came out to join me. I love this kid.

Then he took off and ventured around the backyard with some buckets finding all sorts of treasures.

While I was out there I noticed our vines were blooming with their pretty yellow flowers.

I love these. I have no clue what they are, but they are pretty and just make me happy.

They are super easy to care for too. I do nothing and they grow! How nice is that?! I wouldn't mind knowing what they are though. Anyone else by chance know? If ya do, please feel free to share.

And, now that the weekend is beginning a little early around here due to no school tomorrow or Monday, I am signing off and going to enjoy some family time.

Happy Easter weekend to you! God Bless!

1 comment:

  1. Pedicures are THE BEST! Hope you had a great easter weekend. :)