Friday, April 24, 2009

Lovely Little GIVEAWAY!

I admit it. I am slightly addicted to making these sweet little dolls!

This is the latest one I was working on. She's all pretty and pink.

My plan is to make a few of these up, each one of a kind, and place them in the shop. All proceeds going towards our adoption fund.

Have I told you much about this? Sorry if I haven't. I do want to and there is plenty to share! Sometimes I never know exactly how much I should or shouldn't though. Thankfully, my dear husband is getting a little blog together specifically for our adoption, so when it's launched I will be sure to share the link. I would love for you to follow us along in our journey. It will be a different side of me than that of this blog and it's crafty ways, a little more personal you could say. I honestly cannot wait to share more about it!

Meanwhile, I have a question to those who might be reading this post. If you love creative things and making creative things and I were to come up with more lovely Matryoshka dolls, how would you like to see them? Such as, would you rather buy the finished product? Or like to see a kit with all you need to create your own? Or simply a pattern with instructions on how to make your own?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Also, leaving a comment also will enter you for a chance to win this pretty pink matryoshka ornament! Also, feel free to share the link on your own blog!

So, get ready and comment away by Wednesday the 29th! I will draw the winner the following day. Yay!


  1. I think I would like it seen made but I think the option for the pattern is good too. Do both!! =)

  2. Love your dolls, love your ideas to offer as a pattern. AS a seamstress..i stress over simple thread and always ends in a knot for me....hugs rozzi

  3. Those are really beautiful. So delicate and feminine! I love the pink stitches!

    Thanks for your encouraging comment on my post!

  4. those are very sweet and delicate...very peaceful. No suprise that i'm wanting peace when this is the school run time and i shouldn't be on here checking emaiL!

  5. That's adorable and gutted to have missed it!