Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday, Monday...

A little something I am working on for my wonderful SIL. She asked if I could help her out with some "Days of the Week" towels, so I said SURE! Then she said she would need seven sets....I can do this I said, sure! So, I am. We tossed around some ideas and this is what we collaborated on together. She's excited, I'm excited and it's just gonna be great....once I finish them all!

Really though, they are not that terribly difficult. I decided to use a simple running stitch for the "days" part and we are adding fun fabric to the edge of the towel for each set. Fun, huh? Makes a unique and personalized gift I think.

So, that is just one project of a bazillion I have going on here at the moment. Tell me, is it REALLY November already?! Sheesh!

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