Thursday, November 6, 2008

Little Bunny Foo Foo

While walking yesterday on some trails close by with the hubby and super silly siberian, we happened upon a bunny. Now, this might not seem so unusual being in a natural setting and all, but it was not the usual native Texas bunny that you would think you would happen upon!

As a matter of fact, it just hopped right on up to us, completely undaunted by the fact the my siberian husky desperately wanted to play with ( or chase ) it. It was not the slightest bit afraid and I just stood there and starred in awe that this VERY fluffy bunny was hopping around. There was another lady and her little girl close by. They came over to see the bunny....we all stood there wondering why this little fluffy bunny was just wondering a snake habitat area! Yes, not that it's there on purpose, but there is an area that is cautioned to be aware of snakes...eek! I thought the sweet little thing looked similar to an angora, but surely that couldn't be the case. Why in the world would an angora bunny be wondering around on the hike and bike trails! It obviously was not afraid of us, or the dog (still desperately wanting to bunny and was getting harder to hold back). So, we wondered who we should call?! The nice lady and her daughter had a phone and she said she would call someone. I mean, you can't just leave a sweet little fluffy bunny there now, can you?! No, of course not!

Obviously, I could not take the bunny home because my doggy would have, uhm, chased it into oblivion and I would have cried. It was hard enough trying to keep her from taking off after it while dragging her away from the sweet little bunny. I had faith that the nice lady would take care of it. After all, she had about a two year old with her that was completely fascinated with the fluffy bunny I nick named "bunny foo foo". Seriously it was fluffy!

So, on we went and later when I got home, I looked up angora......and there it was.....the same bunny we just saw. Well, a different one, but the same type. Oh, it made me sick to think about it. Poor little bunny foo foo was obviously someone's lost pet! There are some houses close by there, so that would explain how it was completely unafraid of us...and the dog. It's owners must have a dog. A big dog. I really hope the bunny foo foo and that nice lady made friends and that the fluffy bunny is okay and out of harms way. Because, ya know, it's not just any kind of bunny, it's an angora bunny!

Unfortunately, I have no pictures to show you of the fluffy bunny. I had no camera. I had no phone. Normally I at least have my phone. But nope, not this time.

Here's to you Bunny Foo Foo....hope you are safe and happy!