Monday, July 21, 2008

Vintage Goodies

The other day I was over at my Gramms and I stumbled upon an old container of buttons. I remember seeing these all the time growing up while watching and learning as she sewed. I loved the jar of buttons. I'm not sure why, but I just really always have. The many and varied things you can make with buttons! Am I right? SO, I asked if I could have them. Unfortunately my Gramms has macular degeneration and she is unable to sew as much as she used to. Really, anything she has even attempted to sew lately has been unfinished with many ripped out seams and such....she simply cannot see well enough to even put a zipper in any longer. *sigh*, makes me very sad. We had some of the best times sewing together and collaborating on projects together. How I miss those days. At the time I never realized how short-lived they would be. But do I ever cherish the memories.

There are several different kinds, but mostly the pearly-white kinds. Some of these are from as far back as 40 plus years ago from before they moved here to Texas from New Jersey. Can you believe some of the prices then on buttons? Fifteen Cents! Amazing.

So, she happily let me have them knowing they would be in good hands. I love my Gramms!


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  2. Your Gramm sounds pretty special. How wonderful that the two of you can share a hobby and memories. The buttons are fabulous!