Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Celebration Banner

Wow, what a whirlwind, crazy few days (maybe couple weeks is more like it) I've had here! Our power went out a few times last week when Hurricane Dolly passed through. Not major power outage, just enough of a two second blip (several times) to throw things off whack and cause me frustration. Then, found out we had to get a new modem (or whatever you call hubby is the tech guy, not I). Which meant I was not able to get internet for a long enough time to drive me a little crazy. Add to that my lack of a computer story (long one, so I will spare you the details for now), which means I have been having to grab my hubby's laptop whenever he's not at work or using it for work when he's home.....yeah, that's fun. Then, there was the birthday for the very special, now five year old, that I call my son. Crazy I tell you. However, I tried to best use my time by getting some much needed house work finished, cupcakes baked, laundry piles conquered and lots of fun time in the crafty room, also known as my studio. Let me tell you, it felt SO great to get some new designs out of my head on paper, have fun with picking and choosing fabrics and getting some personal family sewing done! Like this banner that we now call the "celebration banner"

I have been wanting to get this finished forever! Now, it's done and I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. The Monkey Boy and I collaborated on it together, which makes it that much more fun. He made sure I had some pink in it for his mommy since it's a celebration banner for our whole family....even the dog's birthday he said.

I wasn't sure if I was going to add "Happy Birthday" or "Celebrate" to it or not, but I added enough pennants that if I decide to in the future I can. It's also reversible. So, really I could put "Celebrate" or whatever on one side and leave the other without anything and just have the pretty fabric. Works for me.

Very nice feeling I must say getting this finished along with some new ideas and designs for the SHOP this Fall. I am pretty excited about it. I am bringing some things I made in past years back, which will be their first time on Etsy. Some for babies, some for toddlers, some for big kids. Most focused on style and function, practical and great for either gender, which I have always tried to accommodate with so many of my friends not finding out the gender before their little bundle arrives! As always my son inspires so much of what I design. He also has no problem letting me know his opinion, which can be pretty darn helpful at times. After all, he's a kid and knows what kids like, right?!

K, so I will try to pop in from time to time and will hopefully have my own computer again soon! Whew. Meanwhile, I will have (hopefully) some time to get some more designs made up and listed. Fun, fun.


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  2. That is such a great idea! Very sweet & whimsical :D

  3. Banner looks great!! And sounds really fun to have collaborated on it.