Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Celebrations and Things To Make For It!

It's coming...the day my son turns FIVE! Where did the past five years fly by to? Who gave him permission to grow so much this past year and leave the pre-school years and become so much more grown up? I certainly did not. But, at the same time I am loving it. He really is great company and we have a ton of fun together. And, thankfully, he still likes to run around in a super hero cape....good thing cause I am not quite ready for that to go away yet. Meanwhile, the BIG day is tomorrow. Tomorrow! I say this with both excitement and slight anxiety. We, he rather, chose to forego the big party and just asked for a special friend day with his dearest friend who will be moving in just a week. Who said that could happen either? His best friend's parents are also dear, sweet friends of ours as well as the dad being our soccer coach. Again, who said this was all okay? Yeah, not me.

So, the anxiety is not from lack of party planning, more like making sure I get the one thing I wanted to make, oh for the past three years, actually finished! I have wanted to make a simple celebration banner that we can use multiple times for many occasions. Not just birthdays. But, since both my son and husbands birthdays are six days apart, it would be nice to just have a simple festive banner to dress things up a bit. Yes? Yes. It wouldn't hurt to have it for mine either...

Anyway, back to what I was attempting to write about. The birthday and the not-so-much-a-party thing happening. Funny, he originally wanted a big party with all ( and I mean ALL) his friends. I thought this a little too big for our house and backyard. Granted, he wanted a sprinkler party, so all the kids would basically be outside splashing around for the most part. He had it all planned out. Being that he is a Summer birthday boy, he attends others birthday celebrations all school year long, so he pretty much has a clear idea on what he wants long before the actual day. His other Summer birthday friends seem to do the same type of thinking. Which, in one way makes it easier for me. However, he changed his mind once he found out his best friend in the whole entire world was moving. He actually told me that if everyone else could make it, but not his special friend, then he didn't want one at all. Yikes. So, he then decided he only wanted a special friend day (which is always an option each year...choice of either a party or special outing with a friend). I thought it perfectly fine under the circumstances. That plus we always have a family party for both the boy and my husband, which he thinks is *way cool* cause he gets to celebrate with his dad.

So, anyhoo today I plan to make a celebration banner out of some fun fabrics. We'll see how it goes...I actually do have to vacuum and manage some laundry too. And then there are the cupcakes to bake......What was that about things being easier without a big party?

***UPDATE: I completed the banner! More on that to come in another post***

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  1. Yay! Congrats on the banner!! And I really like the idea of 2 options for your sons birthday... neat way to celebrate and let them start making some decisions.