Monday, July 14, 2008

Shameless Plug

This is not something I would ever normally do, but they said to get the word out, so I am. Really, I am bit shy when it comes to things like this and to be really honest, I am ridiculously nervous about it! How silly is that?! So, help me calm my nerves and head over to Girl Indie 2008 Designer Chick Contest and cast your vote! And, in case ya wanted to know my item is under Baby Gear and entry number 5. Just sayin'. 

Feel free to spread the word! There is some really great creativity happening in ALL the categories. Go see for yourself:


  1. Congrats, Jaime! Off to vote!

  2. I voted!

    Love your work and your blog. Found you through Etsy.

    Alison in Tn

  3. I entered the contest, too. Under Children's Accessories. I made the Kangaroo & Didgeridoo pocket placemat. Very fun contest!

    You know me from The Chocolistas. Now, you can see my crafty blog...Comfort Joy Designs. Please, come visit!

    Have a Happy Day!