Monday, March 10, 2008

Rainy Day Fun

Wow, the first day of Spring Break and it's pouring rain. I mean, we're drenched and there is no sign of it letting up anytime soon. Bummer. However, that is what rainy day activities are for, right?! So, here ya go. This is what we did today for such a time as this:

Foam (or whatever else you might have on hand that would work just as well) Hanging Picture Frames!

Great for kids rooms and totally friendly for them to *update* as they wish.

I had some left over craft foam rectangles we used to make "license plates" at my son's last birthday (it was Cars themed). I had some pics from a dear friend that were of my son and his best friend. Where better for them to go than in some fun frames for his room?! Right, so moving on, here is what I used:

-Foam rectangles (two per frame. One for front, one for back)
-ribbon (or string or whatever you have that would work)
-marker for tracing

Take your foam

Like so. One for the front, one for the back. Then take a picture and place it face down on one side. This is important cause you will be cutting the *frame* out slightly smaller than the picture and you don't want to see the marker tracing on the front. Unless you like that sorta thing.

Cut out slightly smaller that what you traced like this:

Pardon the not so great pics today. It's so gloomy and dark that it's nearly impossible to get a decent photo without the flash. Obviously you can tell by my super great pics, right?!

K, then poke some holes where you wish in the foam and thread ribbon through. Poke holes, thread ribbon, poke holes, thread ribbon some more....

You with me? Makes sense?

Then, once you thread it all together, it should look something like this on the back

And like this on the front

Then, you just slip your pictures in like so

Totally kid friendly so they can add pics as they wish!



  1. Love this idea! Thanks.

  2. Great idea! Alaina would love to do that!