Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Missing Pins

Not sure how it happened or why or where, but I noticed that my pins (ya know, the ones for sewing and such?) had dwindled down a bit. To almost nothing actually. I was wanting to cut out a top pattern and I realized I had no pins (well, not enough anyway) to use to pin the pattern to the fabric. SO, off I went to the store to get some more. Before that, I did look around to see where they could possibly have happened to (like the bin of lost projects that are just begging to be finished....), but no where were they found. And it's something I know my son could not have done. He knows better. I think.

Anyway, so off to the store. Did I remember the pins when I went and got totally distracted by the new fabrics and some tempting patterns? No. I did not. I walked out without pins. Obviously there was some frustration when getting home and realizing I did not have pins to pin my pattern to the fabric. No matter. I decided I would go the next day after dropping the child off at school. Did I remember to get the pins? NO! Totally got distracted again! I am telling you, I have a problem. I cannot focus in such big places like the newer Joanns here. There is just TOO much stuff like pretty garden things to look at. How could I possibly remember pins? My sister swears I have craft ADD. She must be right!

Third try. I did it! I remembered to go and find pins! But, when I got there the selection was slightly overwhelming. Apparently it's been a while since I needed pins (obviously). Either that or I just never paid enough attention to the gagillions of different kinds that there are! Seriously, there was almost a wall of just pins! All kinds! I just wanted ones like the pretty, pearly fun colors I had at home (somewhere). Finally after standing there for what seemed like , well, forever, I found the ones I wanted! Whew. Then I decided to get the blazes outta there before I got distracted.....again.....

Does this ever happen to you???


  1. All. The. Time. All the time. Especially in craft stores. But hey, great excuse to visit 3 times! :-)

  2. Also, I tagged you for a meme if you do memes. Because I really, really do love your playlist.

  3. Ha, ha. Yes! I still write notes to myself on my hand... hey, it worked in grade school, and still works for me now!

    BTW- I love the la-ti-da song on your site.

    Laura Ch.