Saturday, December 31, 2011



2012....a year that is just to begin.

2011 changed my life. It changed it in ways I never knew it could. It knocked me down to my knees on more than one occasion.

First with the unexpected death of my Gramms. I was there, I watched multiple rounds of CPR performed and then them calling the "time of death"....I thought I'd never stop crying.

My eyes hurt for days. I felt gutted.

That pain? It was only a glimpse of what 2011 was to bring.

May came and another major blow. We lost Songbird.

I was brought to me knees harder than ever before. I felt lost, uncertain.

And yet, my word that had chosen me was E M B R A C E

To embrace it ALL. The good, bad, ups and downs.

Wow. I never had a clue how 2011 would so drastically change the course of our lives.


Then, we met Sunshine.

November, we became Sunshine's forever family. November 10th to be exact.


All of it. And I did.

2011 is coming to a close and on such a more positive note than it began. The crazy, uncertain and exhausting adoption journey that we've been on, finally slowing down. The waiting chapter closed and the journey of forever family begun.

New beginnings



I want to take this time...this time that is seemingly slower paced. Even if in reality, it's not slowed down much at all. There is a lull, moments of still that I want to immerse myself in. Capture it, soak it up, find the joy...

I want to nurture this time. Enjoy this time with our new little family of four and take it all in and hold on to it a moment.

To see it for what it is, to nurture our spirits, our love, our gratitude.

To watch and nurture this new little person in our lives. To nurture my marriage and my family.

I want to see the hope, believe in this year, see this year. Enjoy it ALL.

So, n u r t u r e

I will take the time and N U R T U R E it. It is my word for 2012.

What will your word be?

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