Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pinterest Tuesday

I love Pinterest. Do you love Pinterest?

Holy WOW is it ever addicting! But, I've found some really fun holiday inspiration that I decided to try my hand at. 

I'm attempting to keep the holidays simple this year. Being home with Sunshine now (who's a full ball of energy!) and her not really having a clue what all this having a TREE in the HOUSE (she's getting used to it...) and twinkle lights and such is all about....well, simple is best. :)

And, since my son is also adjusting, some of these projects are great for he and I to do while Sunshine naps. Total win/win!

A while back I pinned this pretty picture:

AND this pretty picture:

I love, love, LOVE twinkle lights. We happened to have two extra boxes, so I grabbed them and strung them up behind our sheer curtains in the dining room. Here is my version:

Then, while Sunshine napped, the Jakester and I cut out a bunch of snowflakes. See?

I decided to string them up with the twinkle lights. I used a seriously high-tech method involving a little tape and invisible thread. Then I took some paper clips and used those to hook over the curtain rod to hang the snowflakes from. You could probably use ornament hooks too. Easy peasy and simple. I like simple.


My pinterest inspiration completed! 

I'm thinking each week this month I'm going to try doing/making something from all my pins. Wanna join me?! ;)

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  1. Oh, how I love pinterest!! I've been trying to do a few things here and there. I wish I had the time and motivation to take on more of my pinned projects! ;)