Saturday, January 1, 2011

This New Year....2011

Last year I started the year off with a post about what my word for 2010 would be.

I first heard about it from this blog over HERE. I loved the idea.

My word for last year was G R O W....

Oh wow. What I never knew would happen throughout 2010. The growth that would happen in my life, in my marriage, in being a

THIS is my post about my word from last year.

What the year 2010 brought...I do not know if I have nearly the words to describe all that happened and all the ways I grew.

My faith was challenged and I was drawn closer to God.

I did grow in my faith...and in my fear...and in my knowing no matter what, HE always had me in His hands and was always there with me through it all. Still is.

Trust...oh how much I am still growing there...

(To learn more about all that and our adoption journey, THIS is a good place to start. Especially if you happen to be new here to my little blog.)

It is a new hopes, dreams, goals...

What will my word be for 2011? This year, another with so much promise, yet also so much unknown.....

e m b r a c e

I want to embrace it. ALL of it.

Every hope, every dream...brought to reality, or not....every goal, every challenge, every up and every down.

The wonderful moments...the heartbreaks...the frustrations....the achievements....both of my children's and of myself.

The moment I see my Songbird again and the moment my son and daughter meet for the first time.

All the fears, the unknowns....this incredible journey that is still just beginning.

I want to E M B R A C E it.

What will your word be?


  1. I love it, Jaime! Embrace is such a great word. Last year's word for me (also the first time I did it!) was Abundance. Wow! Wow, wow, wow! I cannot even tell you all the things, ways & meanings I learned about that word. My life, our world, relationships, giving ... we truly live in abundance. I love your word this year! Mine is Journey ... and my phrase (I decided I wanted a phrase too! ;) ) is Journey to Joy.
    It's going to be an amazing year! happy new year!