Monday, January 3, 2011

365 or 52..Hmm...

Most have heard about Project 365 or 52...taking a photo a day or a week.

The last two years I have attempted doing 365 and have pretty much failed at it. Not because I didn't have a camera with me practically 365, but because there were times I literally *forgot* to take a picture and it would be 10pm that night before I would remember my pic for the day.


So, this year I have decided to do things a little differently. I am doing P365 on my iPhone since I have a nifty little app that will help me with that. But, I am taking the pressure off for the rest of it and committing to doing 52 photos in 52 weeks. Now, I am changing it up a bit though....

I will continue to take more than ONE photo, but will choose one or two photos that truly capture the week, our family or whatnot and use that as my photo(s). I know once we get Songbird home, I am going to be taking more than one photo a week. Heck, I take more than one photo a week now! Just sometimes I might miss a day here and there...

So, I figured I can take a little collection of photos for the week and perhaps make a little collage of that week for my 52. Kinda my own little variation of it you could say.

Then, at the end of all this? I am planning to make one of THESE

Now....I will say this....once Songbird is home, I plan to do a project 365 of her first year home. I really like the idea of capturing her first year with us. All the little moments here and there. Simple, fun and just  us.

So, what about you? Do you have a Project 52 or 365 planned? Do you plan to use flickr or tumblr or something else?


  1. I went with the 365 because I was afraid that I would forget if I spaced out my posts :) Plus, I am not really making any "rules" for this-I post 365 pictures-it doesn't HAVE to be for that day and I may miss a posting day but, thanks to date edit in Tumblr, I will just adjust the date. I will be following along and participating in some flickr 52/365-ing groups to get inspiration/theme ideas to think outside of the box. I want to get all artsy-fartsy AND post "real-life" and family pics. (I LOVE that picture book!)

    I went with Tumblr because it had the most professional look for the least amount of work. (I LOVE tumblr and don't know why it isn't that well known...the theme/templates are so high quality and it is SO easy to use!)

  2. I'm just trying keep posting everyday lol. I think 52 in a year would be best and I really like your plan to choose a few photos to represent the week!

  3. I attempted 365 last year and failed miserably. 52 is a much more reasonable option for me!

  4. i take a picture every thirteen hours. been doing it a little over a year. that's just what i do.

    i don't care about internet memes or questionnaires or what's hot in blogging.

    taking the pictures requires a little discipline, but you get used to it after a few weeks. since i don't care about groups or inspirations or themes or anything else it's only documentary and conceptual and it's all about what i do with the images later. there's no pass or fail and there are no rules except i take one every thirteen hours. i've made some youtube videos out of some of it, and later on i'll make some interesting (to me) infographics and maybe some essays about how life is actually spent as opposed to what it looks like in snapshot life, but the truth is that everybody and her dog is doing some POD project on some blog that nobody really reads, so why worry about failure?

    my next picture, by the way,is at 0400. yes, that means i st an alarm in the night to do it. i don't even wake up anymore.