Monday, October 18, 2010

An Urgency...

I have this insane urgency...this feeling in my gut. I feel it, but I cannot explain it.

Everything is about to change.

No, we don't have our travel dates yet, but we are in the "any day" moments and I just could almost call it "nesting".

Her room is ready, for the most part. She has all the basics she will need, plus a little.

We bought her "gotcha day" outfit. The first new items of clothing she has ever had. Bought just for her...her very own.

A few other new items (shoes, socks, tights, jammies, etc.) and some other clothes my sister has given me from my niece.

I got this feeling and I went to work, laying out everything we will need to take for her. I have it on her bed all ready. Ready for what I'm not be packed in a suitcase? Perhaps.

I know when "that call" happens, my brain will just get overloaded with all the planning....

Which is why I seem to be "nesting" and getting it all settled and ready to go now. I even have our court clothes all picked and all....

If it's one thing I don't want to forget it's our clothes for court and her gotcha day outfit. The rest we can deal with later.

Oh, and's gonna be much chillier there than here!

Even my son feels it. I can tell in the way he is more snuggly than usual. I breathe in those hugs a little longer knowing I will be away from him the longest I ever have. Yet, at the same time going to take care of my daughter.

I do not know how I will find the balance....being away from one to be with the other. It will be only my second experience doing this. But this time? This time is different. This time she is coming home.

Songbird is coming home with her mama and papa to her forever home. Her forever family.

Yes...everything is about to change...

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