Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Little Bit of Happy

Don't you just love it when you happen upon a serious happy find when you're not expecting to?! Me too!

I went to Joanns last night. I usually love going to fabric stores and just meandering about for a moment, but last night I was just intending to go for some much needed embroidery floss, 'cause I was out of the colors I needed!

So, off I went.

I got my floss and decided to meander a bit. Looked for some lace applique stuff (another project hopefully I can share about soon) but could not find any without sequins and such. Oh well. So then I rounded another corner and happened upon a sample sale!


Ya know all those fabric samples they have for the decor fabric and such? Yeah, those! I have heard they occasionally sell them when certain fabrics have been discontinued, however, I have NEVER managed to find when that "time" is! There wasn't too much to choose from, but what I did find will work just nicely for some pillows I want to make for the Chickadee's bed.

And check out the price tag!

Woohoo! Two pillows (I already have the pillow forms) for $4 each! Very adoption budget friendly. And they will be completely one of a kind and blend with the colors of her room just nicely. Not too matchy matchy. The bedspread is actually a vintage creamy white chenille that belonged to my hubby's grandmother. It's in great condition and we always thought if we had a girl someday, we use it in her room. And if all keeps going well, then we shall! (more on that over HERE)

So, next week on the agenda is pillow making! And since they are already basically cut and ready to sew, they should come together in a snap!

Have you ever used these samples for such things? I would love to know what projects others have made with them!

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  1. Awesome finds - they would make gorgeous Spring table runners!