Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Don't Sneeze!!!

See these those little brownish green squiggly things up in this tree with the new brighter green leaves growing?

Those little things and the stuff it brings causes quite a bit of craziness with allergies around here. Pollen. Oak pollen. Ick.

It leaves a film of green and yellow all over everything. Kinda like this. See the coating of the stuff? That is not a dirty grill, it's just been coated with green ick from the trees. You could sweep and clean all day and it's just gonna be there again the next day.

And those squiggly things fall off the trees and all over EVERYTHING too, like the patio, the car, in the pool. Oh, and ones hair.

Yes, it is ever so lovely to be sitting at Starbucks with some girlfriends and one of them point out that there is something in your hair. And it's not your new hairband or anything relatively pretty. Nope, it's the oak stuff.

What's worse, my sister and I were out cycling the other day and as we were loading the bikes back on the bike rack, we turned to see a cloud of green ick blowing off the tops of the trees. For fellow LOST fans, I am serious when I say it looked like smokie, just green.

I am not sure why it has caught my attention so much this year. We have it every year, but this year just seems to be worse somehow. When I was pregnant, it was awful. I certainly noticed it then because I could not go outside without sneezing.

This year, it is not causing so much sneezing, but the allergies are causing some headache issues it seems with my boy. Makes me sad.

I love Spring and all, but I could sure do without the green smokie and brown squiggly things. Yuck.

Anything in your neck of the woods that causes major allergies? If not, where do you live, I want to come visit!


  1. No allergies here - just the beginnings of winter, and it's lovely!

  2. I just happened to stumble upon this and I have those squiggly things and green film, too! And I hate it! My allergies just kicked up about the time I noticed my silver truck had a green tint to it :(

  3. Yes! Those little squiggly things are all over here too.