Wednesday, February 3, 2010



For weeks.....months, to be honest, I have been thinking of different ways to raise funds to bring our child home from Russia. Other than just my own Etsy shop that is.

However, I have not had the nerve to ask. Why? I'm not sure. It's hard for me to ask for help and truth be told, this is just one little orphan. One VERY important little orphan to me, but to others?

There is so much hurt and so many orphans in the world. This little one is just one of over 147 million. Million!

I so wish I was able to do more for more children, but I know this child is the one God wants us to take care of right now. We know we will adopt again, but until then, this one needs us. This child needs to come to her forever home and receive the love and care she so greatly needs. And once that is done, we know we will do what we can for others, even if it's small donations, we will do something.

Just as I was getting up the nerve to ask the horrific tragedy in Haiti happened. I could not think to take away from such a cause as Haiti. And it's a cause that will continue to need assistance for some time. I cried at the loss, the children and the many more orphans that there are now.

And as much light has been brought to the needs of the orphans there, again, they are just a small percentage of the many million around the entire world that are in need

So much hurt. So much need. How can we help them all?! I know I cannot help every single child of the 147 million orphans out there, but I can and will help this one. She needs her Mama. Her Mama needs to hold her and help her.

How very much I want to be able to tell you about her, but can't. I would love to tell you her name, show you a picture and tell you all we currently know, but I cannot legally do so. And I will respect the wishes of her birth country. After all, there are many scary people in the world. One thing I can tell you is that she is getting to an age that she will be transferred to an older orphanage. She also has some medical needs that we cannot help until we get her home.

And I will make another confession: We cannot take another step forward without more fundraising. I have cried many tears and said many a prayer. I know He can do it. I know He will do it.

He has given me a talent with sewing and I will continue to use it. However, my hands can only sew at a speed that is not nearly quick enough to raise the funds alone. He has Blessed me with ideas that I have been too fearful to mention. Why? Because as mentioned, there is just so much hurt and so much need. How can I ask for just this one?

But, I am. I am asking the crafting community if you would be willing to help. Would you be willing to take the time to donate an item to be put in a raffle/giveaway to help bring this one child home?

If you cannot sew/craft, would you be willing to get the word out about it? I do not have all the specifics as of yet, but I will start accepting donations as soon as they are able to get here. Just contact me via email or leave a comment and I will get back with you.

Wow. I actually just typed all that! It's hard to stick a neck out and hope it will work. I know He is faithful and He will get us to our little girl and bring her home. Now, I will go and hopefully not bite all my fingernails off in worry.....confessions #3: I am a horrible worry wort!

And if you made it this far in reading this novel, I Thank You!!! Please, help get the word out and if you feel you would like to give, just contact me at kinelska(at)gmail(dot)com.

Again, thank you.


  1. My crafting/sewing skills are terrible, but I have excellent "pay money for a good cause and get entered into a raffle" skills. :) So let me know when it's up and running!

  2. I am not crafty so I can't donate anything that way... is there any other way to help? Have you thought about doing t-shirts like Love or other fundraising types of things. If you've been thinking about it a long time you probably have better ideas.

    Also never think "it's just one person." It is a person you are helping!!! That is huge!!

  3. Funny you should mention t-shirts! My six year old son has actually asked if he could design and make some t-shirts to sell.

    We also have a few other things in the works such as a garage sale, restaurant deal and the t-shirt deal. It's just getting it done and it being effective. :)

  4. Wow, wish I could help. :( Good luck and God bless!

  5. HI!
    I have a etsy shop with hair goodies and I would love to donate to help raise money for this great cause of yours.

    please feel free to check out shop and send me a convo on your thoughts! =)

  6. Wow, very inspiring. I so wish you and your family luck and big, big fundraising!! I have a friend that tried to adopt from russia, so I know how hard, the hoops, the travel, etc required. All the best! You all will make it happen, there's no doubt with a post like that.

    Keep us posted on the fundraiser and how we can buy/donate!

  7. God has definitely given you a talent for sewing! But there is a limit to how much you can do alone! I am so blessed to meet you and your family and I am so EXCITED that you are adopting!!! I KNOW that God will provide for you completely! Don't be afraid to stick your neck out there and ask for help--people will be BLESSED to answer as they are able. I know many families in the process of adopting that have actually posted a donate button on their blog! I personally think this is a great idea. You're only asking--and for a CHILD to have a HOME. : ) I also know of many that make a blog button saying something like "Help us bring our child home" and other's can put this button on their blog. Wow! This turned out to be one long comment! But I just wanted you to know that so many of us are behind you in what you are doing!