Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shake It Photo

So, the past two days my boy has been home sick with both strep and some asthma issues we are trying to get under control. Not too much fun that's for sure.

However, apparently the meds started to kick in and he has started feeling much, much better, thankfully. Meanwhile, we decided to play with my new iPhone app called shaktitphoto. Ya know, the old polaroids?! times! I think what was more fun than taking the pics and letting him shake them, was trying to explain what a polaroid camera was....

(the one I took of'd never know he was sick would ya?! )

He then quickly decided he really, really wanted a camera like that and could we look for one?! So, we checked out ebay and actually found some in great shape and at a price we could actually consider. Then, I looked up the film and what it would cost....holy moly! The one deal I found cost over $30 for about 20 photos. Well, anyone with kids that has let them use their camera once or twice knows how fast 20 flashes of the camera can go!!!

(one the boy took of me....with no make-up. Keepin' it real here.)

Sooo, we decided to let that go and just continue to use the app.

I love my phone. Now, if Apple could just make a kid-friendly and affordable version for younger kids, so that my phone doesn't take a chance of getting tossed across the room when someone is "shaking it"!

Do you have a favorite app? Have you used this one? Or, do you have an old polaroid you just LOVE?!


  1. Oh my gosh, I have so many iphone apps for my kids!

    Preschool Adventure
    iWriteWords lite

    I always get the free version to try it out and if they like it, I get the paid version.

    Love the shakit!

    (Oh and they stopped manufacturing polaroid film which is why it is so expensive. The iphone app CameraBag has a polaroid filter.)

  2. You look beautiful with out make up.

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