Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's November What?!

I'm not sure where the time went, but I just realized I have yet to post in the month of November! Eek!

Sorry 'bout that. Didn't mean to just drop off the face of bloggy land. I am here though! This past month has been quite a busy one and promises to be busier as the month and year come to an end.

The adoption (that you can read more about over HERE ) has been keeping us pretty busy the past few weeks with our homestudy and all that jazz. Whew! I cannot wait until it's finished and paperwork turned in. Of course, then the official "waiting" will come into play and it might just drive me insane. Okay, not really, I think I already am. :)

Meanwhile, sewing of fun coffee cuffs has been keeping me busy and happily so. That and attempting to get some handmade gifts taken care of before it's serious crunch time. Who am I kidding?! I am totally gonna hit crunch time...

How about you lovely readers (that might be actually reading this)? What are your plans for the holidays as far as handmade goes? Any super fun projects in the works?

Happy Thursday!!! Be back later this week (or Monday at least) with hopefully something more interesting and with a picture! Not sure why I must post a picture with each post...anyone else feel that way? Oddly enough, I don't feel the need over at our adoption blog. Funny how that is.

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  1. The craft gene skipped my generation, but I make do as best I can. Dean and I will be making some peppermint-shaped Christmas ornaments (they hold a picture) and Marcus and I are making some edible gifts for our co-workers. I do much better in the kitchen than at a craft table. :)