Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We Have Pumpkins!

Yes, I know it's November already and pumpkin carving time is well over with....but, we have pumpkins!

Apparently the super hot 100 plus degree days this past summer really did the garden in. We had some nice tomatoes early on and our basil did great! The chives, beans and bell pepper...not so much. Granted, this was our first year to even attempt a little garden. We planted everything when it told us to and hoped for the best....and got a super HOT summer.

Things grew, but they never produced. Not until Fall that is....

Know what else decided to reappear? Tomatoes! Yes, we have TWO celebrity tomatoes growing. And the chives? The chives are thriving! I will not complain. I like chives.

Then I discovered something else....beans! The bean plants that took over almost everything and never did anything but try to strangle my other plants FINALLY grew some beans! My niece and my son were ecstatic and excitedly picked the beans to have with our dinner.

Crazy. I am thinking I might have to rethink our growing times this next Spring. Especially if we end up with another HOT summer like this last one. Now, what to do with a large carving pumpkin after pumpkin carving time.....I am thinking it might possibly become a Thanksgiving decoration of sorts.

Any ideas?!


  1. How exciting! I am sure there is something cool you can do with the pumpkin for Thanksgiving. Congrats on the success of your garden!

  2. Awesome! My garden is having kind of a renaissance, too. I had about 10 new peppers today and a brand new sprig of parsley!

  3. I never have any luck with gardens. All your veggies looks tastey