Monday, October 26, 2009


I have a Pile of this:

Because I have been slightly obsessed with making these:

I will be adding a new batch of these to the shop later today. AND because I seem to like to make these so much, I have decided to have a SALE on them THIS week!

They make great gifts and it's never too early to get those teachers and co-workers gifts taken care of! Or maybe one for yourself...


  1. hi again! so I see you have tons of fun colors of felt. I was wondering if you just buy them by the square like I have been doing, or if you buy it in bulk. I was wondering if you had any fav places that you shop at... I am new at this. Thanks in advance!!

  2. Adorable! I need to get in gear and start shopping for teacher Christmas gifts!

  3. Hey Kristen!

    I don't have any specific favorite place and right now I am buying in smaller amounts, but here are a few good places on-line to check out for some felt:

    I also believe JoAnns carries eco felt as well. Oh! And Heather Bailey has just come out with some felt!

    Hope that helps! :)