Monday, October 5, 2009

Community Helpers Rock!

This past week my son's Kindergarten class had a "Community Helpers" parade. The teacher sent a note (actually email...I love that!) to the parents to let us know the kids should "dress up" for it. I had no idea how "dressed up" one should be. Naturally, we already had some great "pretend play" hanging around ike a fire fighter, construction worker etc. But nope, he did not want to be ANY of those. He insisted on wanting to be a police officer. I said I wasn't sure if I could make something in time and in budget (important when one is going through an international adoption!). His response, " but mom, you can make ANYTHING!". Hmmm....

So, I told him we could go check out some thrift places and see what we could find to help out. I knew if I could just find a police-type hat, we'd be in business.

So, off a thrifting we went! We found a big bin FULL of hats. Thankfully costumes are in full swing this time of year, so I was certain we would find something.

I was about to give up after about the bazzillionth fire fighter hat...and then.....I saw it! A shiny something that looked like a police-type hat. Okay, so it's a pilot hat, but my son was perfectly happy with it and said it was perfect. There ya have it!

Then I decided to head over to the shirts to see if there was a dark/navy one I could jazz up with a little something to make it work as a "pretend play" police officer. Sure enough, there was one! I also found some other fabulous treasures, some with tags still on! But that would be another post on it's own.

So, off we went with our treasures (for a grand total of $3!) and got to work.

I kept it simple. A sticker (my boy got from the police officer that visited for community helper week) I used to cover where the pilot deal used to be.

And some iron on letters I put on a piece of felt that I then stitched on the shirt. And then clipped on a little "badge" my son already had from another time.

And voila!

He was SO excited when he saw it! I knew if it had his approval, then I met the kid standard of police officer pretend wear. Whew!

Here he is in the "parade" itself. Oh yes, he winked at me cuz he's awesome like that. :)

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