Thursday, October 1, 2009

Little Bird Re-Launch!

After taking a little time away from my Etsy Shop ( a little longer than I had planned ), and revamping and changing things up a bit, I am finally open again!

I will be adding new patterns, in a nifty PDF format, to the shop throughout the day. All your favorite Little Bird iron on applique designs will now be available for you to download and make your very own iron on appliques! And for those that do not sew, this is GREAT because there is no sewing required to make these. Yay! And, for those that do like to sew, you of course are welcome to use your sewing skills on them! Yay again!

I am always thinking up new designs here and there, so there might be a few new ones to the bunch. If there is one you liked from previous designs and do not see it and would like to purchase it, just let me know! I am happy to work up a custom order for you.

Also, with these applique patterns, the template AND instructions are included. I am thinking about possibly listing just the template itself and a separate tutorial for "how to make" the iron on appliques. Tell me, what would you prefer more: JUST the template and a separate tutorial OR the template and tutorial combined? Let me know as I am always searching for better and improved ways of doing things. And I love feedback from you guys!

And, naturally, any blog or twitter followers will receive a little extra special bonus with purchase! Why? Because I love my followers and wish to make your day a little brighter if I can! :)

SO, if you are a follower.....

::Type in code LBC10 at checkout and receive your choice of ONE extra applique template with purchase of PDF pattern::

Yay, so exciting to finally be re-opened! There are more patterns and goodies to come in the next few weeks, so be sure to check it out!

Happy Thursday to you! Hope it's a fabulous one!

::Now, back to my regular blogity blogging, as I do not want this blog to be all about promoting my shop. There will be the updates on discounts, giveaways and the occasional shop update, but otherwise it will still just be me here, hopefully blogging a little more!::

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  1. CUTE Appliques! I'm keeping my eye on the shop! I'm sure I'll find something that I can't live without! ;)