Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fun stuff and sniffles

Do you ever feel like you're just in a funk? I kinda do. Mainly a blogging one. There are days I can think of plenty to blog about and then other days just nothing. Really, there is always some type of something I could ramble on about. Maybe I should have a nonsense ramble day? Dunno. We'll see. A little bit of random here and there could be good.

Meanwhile, while the rest of my family is at church, I am home fighting off illness. I do not like being sick. There have been so many cases of flu and walking pneumonia that friends or friends kids have had lately and we have thankfully dodged it....until now. I sure hope this is just some loverly allergies or a mild cold. Please, no flu! I am thinking allergies because we just did a good bit of gardening and pulling of weeds, which can cause things such as stuffy noses and sneezing and all. However, I have been beat all week and just tired for no reason. So, I am drinking lots of tea and just trying to take it easy this morning and rest. It's hard to just sit and rest when there is so much else to get done. I am not a good sick person.

Okay, enough about illness and yuck like that. Here are the latest from Little Bird now over in the SHOP.

cherry-delicious popsicle

swimming sea turtle

And speaking of oneies and tees don't forget to check back soon for my March giveaway! More details on that to come.

Happy non-sneezing Sunday to you!

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  1. Cute blog, and cute aplique on the shirt and onesie.

    Hope you are feeling better.