Monday, February 18, 2008


Wow, didn't mean to take such a long blogging break.....whoops. I hope you all had a wonderful and fabulous Valentines day. We kept it pretty simple here, which is nice. I like simple.

Meanwhile, yesterday we had some Sunday afternoon fun with flubber! Yes, I said flubber, goo, slime...what ever you want to call it. So much fun! Normally after church and dinner we just lounge and rest for a bit before heading back for evening service and Awana, but this time we were just so awake that we decided to do a "project". My monkey boy had been asking ALL week if we could do this and we just hadn't set the time aside, so what better time than now?!

We started out with some plain old white glue and water, mixed in some food coloring...

Wow, look at those pretty colors! Then we mixed some more

Then, we decided we wanted it more green, cause it's his favorite color and apparently "goo is supposed to be green, mom". Oh, is it now? Okay then, green it is.

This is about as green as it got. Not as dark as he was hoping for, but it will do.

Then we added the remaining water and a little borax and this is what we ended up with

Flubber-y, goo stuff. Seriously fun!

This stuff is crazy!


  1. What a great idea! I will have to try it with my nieces and nephew.

  2. I'm considering trying it, except was it messy? I can see it ending up in my 2-yr olds hair! :)

  3. Amazingly enough, it's not too messy at all. Just really rubbery flubber! I think I am gonna post the *recipe* on my side bar soon just for fun. :)