Friday, June 3, 2011


I saw this a little while back on twitter by the fab Jeannett. Do you know her?! She's pretty awesome, I must say.


So, I'm linking up! My first from our recent trip to Russia. I know, they are from last week, but in all fairness I could not link up last week while still in country....why? Well, because it was an emotional week and I didn't always have internet access. So, there. ;)

We traveled several hours and 3 flights to get there. This is my son waiting for flight number two...across the Atlantic!
Once in country, there was plenty of beautiful scenery we saw while driving out past the city. There were many times I just wanted to stop and get out and capture more of it with something other than my iPhone, but there was not time to.
A market we stopped at on the way out of town the one day. Kinda like the Russian version of Walmart?
And surprise! Out in the parking lot of the market there was a man...with a TIGER! An actual real live tiger. Then, he brought out a lion...I didn't get a pic of the lion though. It was so odd just seeing them on the sidewalk and people just walking by like it was no biggie! Gee....why don't we have random tigers outside of our markets?!
Oh, and just past there we also saw a camel. A CAMEL! Just hanging outside some typical apartments in the city. Doesn't everyone have a pet camel?! No? Oh...well then...
A fairly typical building there. Plenty of construction was going on in one part of the city...this was just some of it.
Once out of the city, there was a cute little roadside stand of sorts we stopped at. Eggs, milk and such can be bought there. It was pretty fascinating. Very different than just buying eggs at the grocery here!
One of my favorite days there just also happened to be our 11 year wedding anniversary! That day we also got to stop by a local cafe in a village we were passing through. My son and I had crepes with jam (Yum!) and my husband had really good pelmeni (super yum!).
And eventually we had to start the journey (and three flights) home. My son brought a book along to read that I thought was pretty appropriate for the trip...especially since he is an official time traveler now! We went 16 hours ahead of our time zone...through several more time zones and back again....crazy.

So, that is it, little snapshots of our second trip to Russia. :)


  1. Catching you here through Jeannett. She really is a sweetheart. I'm glad to know her and her family. We moved from SLO two years ago, but when we visit, I always try to find Jeannett and her fam to see how they've grown. And, of course, to get a Jhug. I've never been to Russia, but your pics and story here make me want to visit now. Someday maybe. I'm loving visiting other blogs through this InstaFriday posting. Fun to meet other people. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those are great pictures! I can't believe the picsof the tiger - I probably would have run in the other direction :}

    Thanks for sharing - so neat to see a bit of your trip!

  3. A trip to Russia!! I would LOVE to go there someday... it looks like a totally different world. Tigers, lions and camels, oh my!

  4. Visiting from Insta Friday...yes, Jeanett does rock! Your pictures are great...Russia?!?! So neat! Thanks for sharing them with us!