Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Little Tuesday Tutorial

A little while back I stumbled onto to this little tutorial via Pinterest. Ah..happy little place that Pinterest is.

Do you Pinterest?

Anyhoo...after seeing this fab pic, I checked it out and then made my way to the dollar store and picked up the necessary supplies. Thankfully, I already had the super duper awesome E6000 glue.

Funny little side story:
In the process of things, while spray painting....I did something I did not realize until  few days later. Hard to explain, but I spray painted in the garage while our one and only car was still in it.( I know )I was too impatient to move it. I didn't think it would be a big deal, since I was just doing a little spray painting project...

Yeah, let's just say I noticed a strange oak pollen like film on our car. I mentioned to the Mr. how it seemed kinda late in the season for that, but went to get a car wash anyway....and....AND it was still there afterwards!


I looked at my husband and wondered WHY the carwash didn't wash the pollen off....and then it hit me. OMGOSH!!! I.spray.painted.the.car.

Oh yes I did!

Clearly my spray painting skillz need a little help. Oy. Thankfully it really isn't noticeable unless you are sitting in the front passenger seat...ahem...

K, so, got the supplies and spray painted away, let dry, added another coat...let dry...you get the picture. Then I glued, waited overnight and VOILA!

Pretty little cake stand/goody serving/display stand of sorts. I love it. I love the yellow.

I am thinking I will mostly use them as decor above my kitchen cabinets that are rather bare since I painted them (really need to get a post done about that!) and then for the occasional craft show to display my wares.

So, tell me....do you have a spray painting story? Any kinda crafty mishap story? Please? Help me feel better.  K? Thanks.

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